149: Promotion Playbook Yearly Rhythm | My Signature System to Align and Accelerate Results in 2024
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Download the pdf workbook and slides for The Playbook Yearly Rhythm™️ at no cost.   ============================   When you’re ready, here are three ways I can help you build your engineering career:   1. Engineering Career Accelerator™️ Scorecard … foundational insights you can check, score, and apply immediately to stand out and excel at work.   2. Join us at Happy Hour … a limited-attendance LIVE monthly workshop where we dig deep into career growth strategies and provide 1:1 open coaching for you at the end of the session.   3. Work with me directly … start with a free chat and ensure it’s a great fit, then work with me and my team privately in our intensive coaching program for engineering leaders.   ============================   In this episode, we kick off the year 2024 addressing our yearly playbook rhythm, the signature system guiding our clients to achieve audacious goals in their careers and lives. I'm thrilled to share the exact process, breaking down principles and ideas into actionable steps for you to implement. To accompany this conversation, there's a downloadable PDF workbook, providing in-depth insights and tactics.   This is not a passive listen; it's a call to intentional action and goal setting. The promotion playbook becomes vital for engineering leaders seeking results, promotions, and a fulfilling lifestyle.    I introduce the three essential plays: deciding goals, reconnecting them to purpose, and executing the ultimate results cycle. This system, when executed consistently, transforms accumulated knowledge into kinetic energy, fostering quicker achievement of big goals.   So press play and let's make 2024 your most successful year yet!   ============================   HAPPY ENGINEER COMMUNITY LINKS:   > Full Show Notes, Resources, & More   > Join our Facebook Group! Get access to bonus content and live coaching as growth-minded leaders build careers together.   ============================   WE GROW BY WORD OF MOUTH   If you have received value from The Happy Engineer Podcast, would you help us pay it forward by SHARING this episode with another engineer?   Hit the SHARE button, or copy the episode URL and paste it into a text message or social media post!   Thank you for helping us grow the show.   ============================   Connect with your host, Zach White:   LinkedIn (primary) Instagram Facebook YouTube  
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