157: Learn to Say More with Less Words | Executive Communication
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Want to project authority and decisiveness in your communication?     Tap to DOWNLOAD the free 10X-Habits Checklist, part of our New Career Acceleration Scorecard for Engineering Managers!   Listen now to discover one of the most critical habits in your communication!   ============================   When you’re ready, here are three ways I can help you build your engineering career:   1. Engineering Career Accelerator™️ Scorecard … foundational insights you can check, score, and apply immediately to stand out and excel at work.   2. Join us at Happy Hour … a limited-attendance LIVE monthly workshop where we dig deep into career growth strategies and provide 1:1 open coaching for you at the end of the session.   3. Work with me directly … start with a free chat and ensure it’s a great fit, then work with me and my team privately in our intensive coaching program for engineering leaders.   ============================   In this episode, I reflect on a recent coaching session with an engineering leader named David, who struggled to articulate his career challenges concisely.    I share how, despite his impressive background, David's long-winded communication hindered his progress. From experiences like this, I've learned the critical importance of clear and concise communication in career advancement.    I delve into how engineers, like myself, often fall into the trap of verbosity, but mastering concise communication is essential for success. Whether it's in emails or conversations, brevity saves time and fosters clarity. By adopting this habit, engineers can project authority, autonomy, and decisiveness, crucial qualities for effective leadership.    Join me as I discuss the power of concise communication and its transformative impact on career growth.    So press play and let’s chat about leveling up your communication game!    ============================   HAPPY ENGINEER COMMUNITY LINKS:   > Full Show Notes, Resources, & More   > Join our Facebook Group! Get access to bonus content and live coaching as growth-minded leaders build careers together.   ============================   WE GROW BY WORD OF MOUTH   If you have received value from The Happy Engineer Podcast, would you help us pay it forward by SHARING this episode with another engineer?   Hit the SHARE button, or copy the episode URL and paste it into a text message or social media post!   Thank you for helping us grow the show.   ============================   Connect with your host, Zach White:   LinkedIn (primary) Instagram Facebook YouTube  
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