Is break up sex healing or harmful? Will you get closure or just make it harder to move on? We hear your hot takes and find out why it was the hottest sex of your life.
Published 04/16/24
If you tear, break or snap your penile frenulum (aka the banjo string) it can be a big painful bloody mess, so here’s everything you need to know with triple j’s Dave Woodhead and sex coach Cam Fraser.  (And yes we will be chatting about blood and pain and breaking your penis in this ep so if you get queasy you’ve been warned).
Published 04/11/24
Published 04/11/24
Term 2 has begun for the horny SLTS of Heartbreak High, so we catch up with our favourite couple from the show - Ca$h and Darren - aka Will McDonald and James Majoos.
Published 04/10/24
If your roomie’s partner is over every night, eating your food, hogging the shower and never contributing financially or to the general house ~vibes~, you might need to set some boundaries. You tell us your rules to keep the peace, plus we hear your horror stories from when a partner overstays their welcome.
Published 04/09/24
Feel like your sex life is kinda meh? Sex and relationship professor Dr Tara is here to help! With 2 million followers, you’ve probably seen her in your TikTok feed, with her snappy sex tips.  In this ep, she jumps on with Dee to give advice on how to build your sexual confidence.  
Published 04/04/24
If you don’t know each other’s passcodes does that mean there’s trust issues? We hear your hot takes about privacy and going through your partner’s phone.
Published 04/02/24
Dee catches up with neuroscientist and host of the Do You F*****g Mind podcast Alexis Fernandez-Preiksa to get all the expert advice on how to heal after a breakup and build your self-love and confidence up again.
Published 03/27/24
We all know RuPaul’s classic line ‘if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?’ – but how true is it really? Or is self-love something that can grow through being in a relationship and loving someone else?
Published 03/26/24
You told us that you cry, laugh, get the zoomies, sneeze and get blocked ears, or itchy noses when you orgasm.  So in this ep we chat to sexologist Lauren French and Dr Theresa Larkin about why it might be happening to you.
Published 03/21/24
You’ve heard of post nut clarity, but what about post nut reactions? We hear your weird and wonderful reactions post orgasm, from crying and laughing, to blocked ears, hyperactivity, sleepiness and cravings.
Published 03/18/24
A class action lawsuit has been filed in the US which claims dating apps are created to make people addicted and keep using them. Dee chats to Clinical Psych and researcher from UTS Anastasia Hronis about how dating apps can keep us hooked.
Published 03/13/24
If someone has a crush on their friend, is the friendship actually platonic? Or does it completely change the dynamic?  In this ep, we debate attraction, crushes, feelings in friendships and when it blurs the line.
Published 03/11/24
We catch up with the world’s biggest porn stars Angela White and she answers your questions about the adult industry, how to give good head, feminism in porn and whether bigger is better.
Published 03/07/24
In our last ep we met some findoms, and a paypig, but what actually makes someone get off on giving money and gifts for no sexual favours in return?  Dee chats to psychologist Dr Sarah Ashton about why someone might be into financial domination. 
Published 03/05/24
A paypig is someone who gets off on giving you gifts, cash, paying your bills - but they don’t want any physical sexual favours in return. Sounds too good to be true right? We find out how findomming works and what’s in it for the pigs.
Published 03/05/24
We live, laugh, love comedian, presenter, and writer Louis Hanson. As your 2024 Mardi Gras host - he’s got your pride survival guide for your gay christmas.
Published 02/29/24
You told us about how you've self sabotaged your way out of healthy, secure relationships with green flags - but how can you stop this pattern from ruining a good thing? Psychologist and author Chris Cheers joins Dee to chat about why we get addicted to red flags and how you can rewire your brain.
Published 02/28/24
If you've been in a toxic relationship or you only date red flags, do you find it hard when someone healthy, secure and safe comes along? You tell us your experience of what it's like dating from problematic to perfect, from feeling boredom, picking fights to self sabotage. 
Published 02/27/24
She’s the founder and CEO of Cheek Media, author of Bite Back, and podcast host of Big Small Talk - Hannah Ferguson put the ultimate group date to the test, and says it was the best date she’s ever been on. So here’s how she pulled it off and why she thinks group dates are going to make dating apps fun again.
Published 02/21/24
If you’re living with your parents (maybe you’re studying, or for cultural reasons, or just coz cost of living is fkd) you might be struggling to have any kind of sex life.  We hear your horror stories of getting caught, getting creative and getting off.
Published 02/20/24
We yappa yappered about timing, but now it’s time to hear from an actual expert. Dee chats to couples therapist Megan Kozak about how much timing actually matters in relationships, and how to deal if you’re going through a break up because of it.
Published 02/15/24
Have you ever met someone who ticks all the boxes, you have great chemistry, you could honestly see a future with them… but the timing isn’t right?  Like maybe they’re about to move overseas for work/study, maybe they’re not over their ex - or sometimes it’s just a case of “I need time to work on myself”.  So how much does timing really matter? - and is it something you can overcome if you actually wanna be with someone.
Published 02/13/24
If you wanna start using your backdoor in the bedroom but don't know where to start, we got chu. Sex coach Georgia Grace and founder of sexual wellness brand NORMAL Lucy Wark chat to us about all the basics of butt play. 
Published 02/08/24
83% of you reckon we live in a low effort dating culture. Where people never put in effort and everyone just bails or ghosts each other.  So are Australians just lazy or have dating apps made everyone burnt out? Also is it actually a bad thing? Should you expect so much effort at the start of getting to know someone? Dee and Pip hear your hot takes and chat it out.
Published 02/06/24