Loosed in Heaven
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Confession of sins is mentioned throughout the Scriptures and practiced by the Orthodox Church. But is a priest really necessary for this practice? What happens if he withholds forgiveness? Did God really give that kind of authority to sinful clergy? Can’t we just confess alone to God at home? Why confess at all, if God knows our thoughts? Join Fr. Stephen De Young and Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick as they continue their series on the sacraments of the Orthodox Church.
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Did you think the series on sacraments was done at 7? Fr. Andrew and Fr. Stephen continue with the coronation of emperors. Why did the Church do this? What does it say about the Christian view of government and politics?
Published 03/10/23
The mystery of Unction can be slippery to get our minds around. What does it do? Why don’t we see miracles every time it’s applied? Is sin related? Is unction different from other anointings? Fr. Stephen and Fr. Andrew look at the relationship between sin, healing, and oil.
Published 02/24/23
Published 02/24/23