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Tom Farrow... performance coach, owner at Arete and the best wrestler I know chats all things solving performance problems. On the way, we chat connected conversations, why tackles are missed, 2 leg takedowns and lessons from football... enjoy! Tom can be found at 
Published 04/01/24
Sean and Rusty chat all things from the U13F's, being excited to come to training, reflecting in the moment, Laurie Fisher as Bruce Springsteen, re-imagining a coaching skills carousel, saving bullets, Ben Ryan in 2009 and John Quinn's grenades... enjoy!
Published 02/04/24
Mike and Rusty chat all things confidence... What gives you a buzz? When is it hard for you? How does it feel? What milestones might we pass on the way? How can we be mischievous? Who owns the right way? Who do you want to be? Enjoy...
Published 01/25/24