#86 | My Perfect Boat | William Nutting | Founder of the Cruising Club of America
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The features that make ’The Perfect Boat’ are an area of sailing that walks the narrow line between philosophical & scientific truth.  Historically it is also beset by sailors claiming dead cert, bald-faced objective truth for their strongly held and decidedly subjective opinions. In this new section on The Mariner, I will be interviewing sailors from across the sailing industry and asking them one very simple question ’What’s your Perfect Boat’? To start the series off I am reading from William Washburn Nutting’s book ’The Track of the Typhoon’ and sharing with you some of his ideas.  Nutting’s was a journalist writing for Motor Boat & Yachting Magazine and was a knowledgeable, ’sailor’s  sailor’. I hope you agree that although his book was published 100 years ago, his ideas & dreamy-eyed passion for his design, could be reproduced in any yacht club bar any day of the week in 2022. As William ’gave me the idea’,  for this series, I think it’s appropriate that he gets the first shout on the subject.  To join my Patreon community (growing fast!) please go over to https://www.patreon.com/themariner and there for $5 a month you can hear the rest of the book and many others just like it. If you would like to send me your top three features for your Perfect Boat- remember to tell me what you would be using the boat for and how many people it would be for and I will read your ideas out on the podcast. Write to me at: [email protected]
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