#87 | Interview | Offshore Sailing & Cruising with Paul Trammell
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This episode I thought I would share with you an interview I did month or so ago with Paul Trammell on his wonderful podcast ’Offshore Sailing and Cruising ’.  It was great to chat to Paul and learn about his sailing to date, but as this was an interview I was doing for him introducing myself to his audience we will have to wait for a future date to really get to know Paul more. As by the end of this show we had agreed to go sailing on the Open 60 sometime soon- that might be quite soon! Apologies to the audiophiles listening (Bill Mead!) I had to use Paul’s recordings completed over Skype as my own recording was so terrible as to be painful to mine own ears.  Trust me, this is the lesser of two weevils ;) If you would like to hear more exclusive sailing content, head over to https://www.patreon.com/themariner and there, for $5 a month you can not only support the all the Mariner content, but also receive a free daily sailing audio book episode, and an extra weekly Mariner podcast episode, both exclusive to Patreon. There’s also the chance to pose your own questions on the weekly ’Questions & Tangents’ Mariner episodes and get the answers you need to you most troubling sailing conundrums-!  See you there!
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