#114 | Questions & Tangents | So, You Bought an Old Race Boat Anyway.
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Questions and Tangents #14 and this episode we continue down the rabbit hole regarding buying a used race boat. Recap Last time we discussed this I said, ’Don’t do it - unless you REALLY want/ need to do it.’ But as you did it anyway... (which I knew you would...) This time I’m saying- ’Since you can’t take simple advice-;) here’s 2 further hours of things to bear in mind.’ I guess #3 (Owing a Race Boat Long Term) is coming soon...
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Sometimes we get the opportunity to sit at the hand of the master and hear first hand what is the best way to do something. This is one of those moments.  This episode I read the Appendix of Capt. Voss’ book ’Venturesome Voyages’ and if that leaves you feeling a little less than interested,...
Published 05/11/24
Published 05/11/24
So, after all your best efforts to prevent a Man Overboard Situation now your crew are in the water, and they are relying solely on you to not only come and find them; but also to do it in heavy seas, high winds and at night.  Shit. Let’s explore the options when all hope appears lost, when...
Published 04/15/24