We're talking Olympics on the show today, with ad rates, the NBCU sell-out, access and delays of our favorite sports, and more. And, not only that, we talk Mountain Lion -- Apple's newest operating system, and the changes in behavior that come from the changing tide of app stores.
Published 07/31/12
Dane wants you all to know that it's Pioneer Day in Utah, though he's not sure what that means, apart from the fact that there will be parades. Further, we talk about movies and releases, along with the future of the box office when all films are rated with a 1.5x factor against the box office of "Piranha 3DD". We also talk about Squarespace v6, how wonderful it is, while it breaks a bunch of stuff we used to love.
Published 07/24/12
Falling right in line with our mission of facilitating genius even in spite of ourselves, this week social support and all-around whiz kid Jason O'Donnell joins us from IBM to talk social strategy, community, tips, and tools. We dig in on practical brand management inside the Facebook universe, and Jason answers, once and for all, whether we should care about Klout.
Published 07/17/12
Pete's back from another trip to Chautauqua, NY and reports on his "Building Your Brand Online" class, some rants about storytelling, and a coda on Apple and EPEAT.
Published 07/11/12
First, and most important, Pete has a new haircut. We talk mostly about cheating, stealing, and Mad Men this week, with a touch of Instapaper's run on Howard Stern, the state of the Live Read Advertisement, and the mispronunciation of eastern lakes.
Published 06/19/12
We're talking about Singularity University today, with fresh grad Devon Stanfield. Singularity U is a change-the-world program designed to foster the hearts and minds of the techno-futurist that lives inside us… on a sim chip, backed up daily to Facebook. We talk fear and loathing, success, and the coming rise of our robot overlords.
Published 06/12/12
Facebook is public! So, that's cool for some people and their new money. Kraft has insourced their new brand, and the results speak for themselves. Louis CK is still funny. This summer, expect to pay more to fly and sit next to your children at the same time. And, Hyundai's are cool after all.
Published 05/22/12
It's Facebook IPO week, people, and to celebrate, we're broadcasting live from Dane's lawn, where new sod has only just been placed. Should be an exciting show. We talk about the pressure on Facebook to deliver revenue per user in the post-IPO reality, competition with Google on an even playing field, and how I need another app store much like I need a hole in my head: Facebook App Center. Dane brings up the most awesome Dear Photograph, I talk about turning 27 again and again, and frogs.
Published 05/15/12
It's more on over-sharing this week, as Facebook crests 900 million active users preparing for next month's IPO. Facebook business vet heads to Pinterest. Instagram highlights the need for businesses to think more about building community through images, cause everyone's doing it, apparently. Pete reveals his deepest, darkest GI Joe/Transformer related secrets, and gets way too fired up about Google Drive, and Google's long history of making and destroying promises.
Published 04/24/12
We talk privacy in search this week, social sharing on Facebook and how toilet reading is now a social thing. We talk about Dane's mom, which has to thrill her, and how her life would probably be better with an iPad. We talk (probably again) about Markdown and how cool it is with ByWord for iOS and Mac. We talk about the industries that have spun up in response to Microsoft Office. Dane shows off about Coachella and all the cool tech in place to show the shows. "Girls" is on HBO, and Youtube,...
Published 04/17/12
Dane drops the knowledge bomb today when he gets all smart with setting target markets. We talk about the role of focus in targeting, how to find focus in your social strategy, and how not to look like a doofus in the process. We talk about Pete's unnatural obsession with all things Ice and Fire, and how he almost missed the show because he was reading.
Published 04/03/12
Mike Daisey made headlines for telling tales, and may just have deflated the importance of the whole issue as major media lampoons him. Marketers have a new tool from the GOOG that will help organize and quantify social analytics, but don’t worry: Facebook and Twitter won’t play with it. One Tiny Hand shows you everything you’ve ever wanted to see: your favorite celebrities if they only had one… tiny… hand. Fine words for Google, as the ship turns and it’s revealed that blush it’s an...
Published 03/20/12
The Walking Dead has all but wrapped up season 2. Dane has much catching up to do. A listener inspires a much-needed rant on the power of imagery and why the masses are generally circumspect about advertising, and how we must "use our power for good". Solve Media has the answer for skipping ads on web video. BBH has a suggestion for giving the homeless something to do. Google+ is really, really about advertising. Oh, and Banksy makes us swear, so cover your ears.
Published 03/13/12
Rush Limbaugh feels the cold and mighty hand of social media as advertisers begin jumping ship. We talk a lot about old Rush this week, and how the bar for customer engagement and communication keeps falling, and falling, and falling. We talk about Super PACs a bit and, of course, the new iPad. Pete's latest tool of awesomeness is the RSS to Email mass emailing function now built into the templates from the fine folks at CampaignMonitor. There are others that do this, but these guys do it...
Published 03/08/12
Today's the day that Google unifies the big privacy policy in the sky. Now, your user history on one Google product will likely inform the results and performance of other Google products you use. For many, that's a good thing. For others, it's creepy. We also cover the Google bypassing user preferences for cookies thing, putting "don't be evil" in question. And, if you haven't read The Information Diet by Clay Johnson, do it. Quick. We talk all about why this week on the show. Finally,...
Published 03/01/12
Dane finally makes good on his promise to age prematurely by succumbing to old man glasses, sort of. Path screws up, appologizes well, and is then joined by so many others the issue becomes irrelevant. Apple stuff happens again, with new software previewed in the intimacy of Phil Shiller's hotel room, thus reinventing public relations forever. Content marketing is apparently a big deal. Oh, and Pinterest.
Published 02/16/12
The Super Bowl came and went and the ads were no surprise at all thanks to the rabid early releases and teasers. The game was dumb, too. We rant about phone size in the context of Dane's failing eye site and quest for "Maggies". JCPenny is in full re-brand mode. Ellen had a nice rant. "Chronicle" film marketing is so very pre-9/11. Then, Dane gets in the hot tub.
Published 02/09/12
Apple released it's new ebook design tool last week—will iBooks Author be the change we want to see in the world? Pete and Dane pull the tool and the economy of Textbook Publishing apart in their discussion of the state of the electronic book.
Published 01/26/12
It's the 2012 New Year explosapaloozer episode of the naked marketers! In this episode, Dane and Pete mourn the tragic resignation of Meg from the show, while we promise to talk about her a little bit every single week from now on. We talk politics, discussing the radioactive hotness of John Stewart and his coverage of Barbara Walters' coverage of Herman Cain. We talk web trends, mobile, and share too much about what we think is going to be hot in analytics in this coming year. Happy new year...
Published 01/05/12
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