2:19 - Tom Curran and Gary Tanguay get into a heated debate while discussing what Demaryius Thomas will bring to the Patriots offense this season. 7:05 - Phil Perry, Tom Curran and Bert Breer roll though some regular season superlative predictions, including which team in the AFC will challenge the Patriots, a team that missed the playoffs last season that’ll make it in this season, this season’s NFL MVP and more 14:00 - Andy Hart joins Trenni Kusnierek and Gary Tanguay to debate if Jarrett...
Published 08/31/19
1:32 - Despite the Patriots dropping their preseason finale against the Giants - we know, heartbreaking…. a couple of receivers had big nights. Michael Holley, Bert Breer and Ted Johnson break down the performances of Demaryius Thomas and Josh Gordon. 6:45 - Tom Curran and Phil Perry go over the top performers from the game and discuss how the 53-man roster will be shaped. 12:11 - Michael Holley, Bert Breer and Ted Johnson return to talk about Jarrett Stidham’s night, what it means for...
Published 08/30/19
1:26 - Tom Curran joins early edition to react to the Rob Gronkowski's emotional comments from today and give a little insight on to Gronk's state of mind this past season.   7:57 - Ted Johnson and Mike Felger give their thoughts on Gronk and if they think we will ever see him make a comeback in the NFL. 13:26 - Tom Curran and the BST crew discuss the likely scenario that Ted Karras will replace David Andrews at that Center position and how this move would affect the Patriots offensive line.
Published 08/28/19
1:43 - Phil Perry joins BST to discuss the latest on reports that David Andrews was hospitalized with a blood clot. Phil discusses how this could affect the patriots if Andrews is sidelined for a significant period of time. 8:15 - Wiggy and Phil Perry react to Bill Belichick's comments on Andrew Luck's retirement. They also get into the Colts offensive line and what may have contributed to Luck's decision to retire. 12:24 - Paul Perillo stops by Early Edition for a game of take your pick:...
Published 08/27/19
1:11 - Tom Curran joins BST to discuss the success of the Patriots defense over these first three preseason games. They also get into if we're starting to see some pieces being put into place for the next phase of the dynasty - specifically if Jarrett Stidham will in fact be the successor to Tom Brady. 8:31 - Andy Hart and Tom Curran discuss the chemistry issues Tom Brady and Jakobi Meyer's seemed to be having during game 3 - and if this is going to be a continuing problem for Tom with...
Published 08/24/19
01:10: Patriots safety, Patrick Chung was indicted on cocaine possession, Adam Jones and Danielle Trotta are joined by Phil Perry and Tom Curran from Gillette to discuss the charges, and possible repercussions for Chung 07:40: Ted Johnson joins Michael Holley in studio to breakdown the Patriots win over the Panthers in the third preseason game. They discuss Jakobi Meyers performance, and Brady’s highly anticipated first appearance of the season. 
Published 08/23/19
1:06 - DJ Bean, Michael Holley and Abby Chin get into a heated debate about Dave Dombrowski's job security after this season. 7:43 - Ted Johnson and Phil Perry stop by Early Edition to discuss Adam Schefter acknowledging the possibility that this season could be Tom Brady's last in New England.   12:58 - Ben Volin and Phil Perry discuss everything we will be talking about after tonights Patriots preseason game.
Published 08/22/19
01:14: Tom Curran and Paul Perillo break down which patriots wide receivers will make the 53-man roster? 04: 58: Do the Celtics have the most young talent of any team in Boston? A. Sherrod Blakely, Mike Felger, Tom Curran, and Danielle Trotta look at our top 20 under 25 players in Boston. 10:13: The Patriots welcomed back Julian Edelman, Demaryius Thomas and Josh Gordon this week, is the wide receiver position now a position of strength? DJ Bean, Tom Curran and Michael Holley break it...
Published 08/21/19
01:02: Lou Merloni and John Tomase join Danielle Trotta to discuss Chris Sale. He is expected to miss the rest of the season due to elbow inflammation, what does this mean for his contract, and his abilities next year? 08:16: Patriots cut punter Ryan Allen, Phil Perry, Kyle Draper and Tom Giles discuss 10:46: Phil Perry selects who he will be cut from the patriots in the final roster projection 
Published 08/20/19
1:38 - With the news breaking Friday that Josh Gordon has been reinstated by the NFL, Tom Curran and Ben Volin give their initial reactions. 6:57 - Phil Perry and Jim Murray discuss whether or not the Patriots can rely on Josh Gordon's return based on his track record of missing games and facing suspensions. 10:59 - DJ Bean and Phil Perry preview the Patriots second preseason game vs. the Titans, keying in on the pressure on Jarrett Stidham and wondering just how much Tom Brady will play.
Published 08/17/19
01:18: The Patriots are in Tennessee playing in joint practices against the Titans. Phil Perry, Tom Giles, Danielle Trotta, and A. Sherrod Blakely discuss Tom Brady’s ability to find success with almost any receiver. What will this team one day look like without Brady? 05:23: John Tomase and Dan Shaughnessy join Gary Tanguay to discuss Mookie Betts. Will he still be in Boston for the 2020 season? Or will free agency mean he heads elsewhere? 09:55: Tom E. Curran joins the BST crew from...
Published 08/16/19
01:16: Phil Perry, Kyle Draper and Gary Tanguay discuss Rafael Devers and Xander Bogaerts putting up MVP-caliber numbers for the Red Sox. What does their recent performance mean for the future of their careers? 04:45: Rob ‘Hardy’ Poole joins Gary Tanguay to rank his Top Five Athletes currently in Boston, and is Rafael Devers one of them? 09:52: Abby Chin, A. Sherrod Blakley and DJ Bean discuss Jaylen Brown’s career after Danny Ainge praised him for his great attitude last season. 
Published 08/15/19
1:25 - 98.5 The Sports Hub is celebrating their 10th anniversary. To celebrate, Mike Felger stopped by Early Edition to discuss some of Boston Sports biggest moments of the last decade. 9:34 - Despite a tough year Chris Sale has just become the fastest pitcher to reach 2,000 strikeouts in baseball history - the BST crew discuss the accomplishment as well as if Sale will be able to get back on track next season. 13:44 - Phil Perry stops by Early Edition to discuss a piece from former...
Published 08/14/19
1:04 - Our Celtics crew react to the Celtics schedule release for the upcoming season. They discuss everything from opening night in Philly to whether or not Kyrie Irving will actually show up to play in the Garden the night before Thanksgiving. 7:27 - Phil Perry and Lou Merloni join BST to discuss the latest surrounding Tom Brady and his house as well as the new delvelopment that Alex Guerrero also put his house on the market and if we should read into that. 11:25 - Dan Shaugnessy stops...
Published 08/13/19
1:12 - John Tomase joins BST to react to the report that the Red Sox will be listening to trade offers for Mookie Betts this winter 5:21 - Paul Perillo stops by BST to talk with Tom Curran and DJ Bean about the impressive performance by the Patriots defense against the Lions Thursday night. They get into the impact new coach Jerod Mayo may have had on the performance. 11:33 - Adam Jones and DJ Bean go around the NFL to discuss some of the latest stories including the report that Antonio...
Published 08/13/19
1:04 - Tom Curran and Ted Johnson join Michael Holley with their reaction to the Patriots 31-3 preseason win over the Lions. They discuss everything from the Patriots dominating offensive performance to the impact new coach Jerod Mayo may have had on the defense. 12:28 - The BST crew give their thoughts on David Price being placed on the Injured List with a left wrist injury as well as Chris Sale's surprising performance in the Red Sox 3-0 win over the Angels
Published 08/09/19
1:05 - Andy Hart joins Early Edition to discuss the latest from our own Tom Curran on the Tom Brady contract situation 8:04 - Chris Forsberg reacts to Brad Stevens sound on how the Celtics turned the page after last season and if any of that could trickle into this season. 12:37 - The BST crew discuss the latest from John Tomase on Dave Dombrowski. Are the Red Sox in need of a leadership change?
Published 08/08/19
01:10: Tom E. Curran is with the BST crew to discuss Tom Brady and Gisele putting their Brookline home up for sale, just after news broke of his contract extension details. 09:14: John Tomase joins Gary Tanguay and Trenni Kusnierek from Fenway to discuss Dan Shaughnessy’s comments suggesting that Dave Dombrowski will not be back with the Red Sox next season.  13:10: Adam Jones joins Gary Tanguay in studio, they check in with Chris Forsberg out in Vegas to discuss Celtics chemistry at...
Published 08/07/19
01:05: We hear from Tom Brady about his reported contract extension. Tom E. Curran is back in studio and joins Trenni Kusnierek and Gary Tanguay to discuss the 2-year, $70 million contract extension. 09:09: Chris Forsberg joins us from the USA basketball training camp in Vegas to talk Kemba Walker, and team chemistry being built. 12:00: Trenni Kusnierek, DJ Bean and Tom Giles were in attendance on Saturday to see the Revs play , where they ended their 11-game unbeaten streak to an...
Published 08/06/19
(1:00) Tom Brady turns 42 on Saturday. Phil Perry and Michael Hurley discuss their confidence in Brady heading into this season and the Patriots signing Cameron Meredith. (8:00) The Revolution are on an 11-game unbeaten streak, Charlie Davies joins BST to preview their matchup against LAFC on Saturday. (12:00) The Red Sox lost their 5th game in a row, falling to the Yankees 4-2. John Tomase breaks down the loss.
Published 08/03/19
01:24: Joe Haggerty is back in studio with Tom Giles and DJ Bean to breakdown his exclusive interview with Cam Neely. Neely spoke about signing Brandon Carlo and Charlie McAvoy and said, “we feel like we should be able to get something done.” 08:16: Tom Brady responds to the question, “does he deserve a contract extension?” Trenni Kusnierek and Kyle Draper check-in with Tom E. Curran to discuss his response. 14:30: Dave dave Dombrowski explains the Red Sox making no moves in the...
Published 08/02/19
0:55 - The MLB trade deadline has come and gone and the Red Sox did absolutely nothing. John Tomase and Lou Merloni react to that news as well as some of Dave Dombrowski's comments on the situation. 9:05 - Phil Perry joins Early Edition to discuss the biggest takeaways from the Tom Brady's comments on his contact situation. 
Published 08/01/19
1:04 - The BST crew reacts to the Red Sox 6-5 loss to the Rays. Also, hear postgame reaction from manager Alex Cora.   8:14 - Tom E. Curran joins Phil Perry to break down Phil's Patriots 53-man roster projection. 13:42 - Mike Felger stops by Early Edition to discuss if Stephon Gilmore is the best cornerback in the NFL. They also get into Ty Law's comments on the NFL's Pass Interference rule changes.
Published 07/31/19
On today's episode of the Breakfast Podcast you will hear Rodney Harrison's Patriots Hall of Fame induction speech in its entirety.
Published 07/30/19
01:08: Paul Perillo joins Kyle Draper and Tom Giles to discuss what he saw at Day 2 of Patriots training camp. Including what he thinks the absence of Tom Brady will mean. 04:49: Phil Perry and Tom Curran join us from Gillette, they break down some of the tougher moments for rookie N’Keal Harry at Day 2 of camp. 11:20: It’s (hopefully) playoff time, Tom Giles and Kyle Draper discuss who will have the bigger playoff push, the Revs, or the Sox?
Published 07/27/19