In addition to our interviews with Dr. David Sinclair and Dr. Terrie Moffitt in Show 1263, we also spoke recently with Erin Sharoni. In this conversation, the entrepreneur (co-founder of Juvicell) discusses the importance of epigenetics. She also addresses the evidence on several of the ingredients in the Juvicell supplement and describes some simple approaches […]
Published 06/28/21
Can you reset your biological clock? You can’t make time run backward, but you may be able to slow or even reverse the aging process. Dr. David Sinclair believes that aging is far more reversible than we thought. He told the New York Times, “Cells can clean themselves up, they can get rid of old […]
Published 06/25/21
More than a year of living through a pandemic has really increased anxiety for a lot of people. If we define anxiety as worry or unease about an imminent event with an uncertain outcome, it’s easy to see why. However, it really isn’t healthy to feel anxious all the time, even when outcomes are uncertain. […]
Published 06/18/21
Hearing loss is a common problem, but many people with difficulties don’t know how to address it. Not everyone who has trouble hearing in noisy spots like restaurants or busy workplaces needs hearing aids. However, they need ways to manage a situation when they can’t hear what people are saying. Reducing background noise–which might be […]
Published 06/10/21
Last year, just when more people than ever needed the help of a therapist, stay-at-home restrictions made it difficult or impossible to get face-to-face counseling. Moreover, most therapists were completely booked and couldn’t accept new patients. As a result, people increasingly turned to online therapy, either with apps, online support groups or one on one. […]
Published 06/03/21
Cases of Parkinson’s disease have been rising steeply, but what we see now could be just the tip of the iceberg. The accumulation of certain chemicals in the environment may be contributing to an increased risk of this neuromuscular disorder. Pesticides such as chlorpyrifos appear to increase the risk for farmers and farm workers, while […]
Published 05/27/21
Integrative gastroenterology combines the perspective of conventional allopathic medicine with a holistic approach to patients and their lives–mind, body and soul. Sometimes adjusting diet or lifestyle can be even more effective than using medications, especially when it comes to establishing a healthy gut balance. COVID-19 and the Digestive Tract: Although we think of SARS-CoV-2 as […]
Published 05/27/21
Can you have too much togetherness? After a year of pandemic restrictions that kept many couples cooped up together for months, some have discovered that minor annoyances loom larger. Couples have had to negotiate their roles and responsibilities more intensely than ever. This has put quite a strain on some relationships. Pre-existing problems have been […]
Published 05/21/21
Dr. Robert Lustig has been warning us all about the hazards of sugar since 2009, when his YouTube lecture “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” went viral. As a pediatric neuroendocrinologist, he spent much of his career treating the causes of obesity in children. Now, he turns his impressive expertise to helping adults as well as children. […]
Published 05/07/21
Dr. Peter Hotez has been working on vaccine development and the treatment of neglected tropical diseases for decades. Now that vaccines are the key to returning to something like normal life, his expertise is greatly sought after. A History of Vaccines: Dr. Hotez describes the first vaccines that were useful in Western society. In fact, […]
Published 04/30/21
In the middle of a pandemic, it’s important to know how to stay healthy. Sleep, stress management, handwashing, exercise and a healthful diet (cutting back on refined flour and sugar) are all crucial. In addition, supplements and herbs might help maintain a robust immune response. The Value of Vitamin D: There is significant evidence that […]
Published 04/23/21
The experience of COVID is highly variable, as we have all learned by now. For some people, the infection is so mild they may not even notice the symptoms, while for others the virus wreaks devastating havoc. The post-COVID syndrome may afflict even those who had mild infections initially, and it can make life very […]
Published 04/16/21
Over the past year, the world has faced a global pandemic due to a previously unknown virus. People wanted and needed to know how the virus spread from person to person. At first, the focus was on fomites. Consequently, people spent a lot of time wiping down groceries and sanitizing surfaces. Gradually, it became clear […]
Published 04/08/21
Over the last year, hospitals and their intensive care units have been stretched to the breaking point caring for the huge number of people desperately ill with the coronavirus. What is the impact of COVID-19 on American health care? Will the changes we have seen to date continue? Who Pays for COVID Care? Days and […]
Published 03/26/21
Hand sanitizers have become ubiquitous in homes, doctors’ offices, supermarkets, banks and dozens of other establishments. There have been problems with some products that were contaminated with methanol, also known as wood alcohol. Read about this known problem here. Now a new impurity has surfaced. A surprising number of hand sanitizers are contaminated with the […]
Published 03/25/21
Sperm counts have been falling for decades. In fact, they’re down 50 percent over the last four decades. Should we worry about young men’s health and fertility? How can we explain this trend? Threats to Health and Fertility: Sperm counts are not alone in their decline. Men’s levels of testosterone have also been dropping steadily, […]
Published 03/19/21
Everyone is weary of the coronavirus pandemic and ready to be done with it. So the news that a new pandemic is already slowly unfolding is unwelcome. But unless we pay attention and do what we can to reverse the growing trend of antimicrobial resistant infections, they could end up causing even more death and […]
Published 03/11/21
For many years, possibly even centuries, some people who unexpectedly survived a life-threatening event have recounted amazing experiences. Between the time they appeared to die and when they revived, they often encountered places and beings unlike those of everyday life. What should we make of such near death experiences? Reports from the Operating Room: Occasionally, […]
Published 03/08/21
COVID-19 restrictions have interfered with the way many of us exercise. Yet the benefits of moving, for both our physical and mental health, are more important than ever. How can we keep moving to feel better, despite the pandemic? Moving at Home to Feel Better: You may not have a home gym, but there are […]
Published 02/26/21
After a year of COVID-19, the country (and the world) is in a race to get people vaccinated before the new, more transmissible variants of the coronavirus can gain the upper hand. We talk with two experts on these COVID-19 vaccines and variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to get you the information you need. New […]
Published 02/19/21
Adequate sleep is essential to good health. That is not a news flash; your grandmother and great-grandmother knew it. It’s simply become more difficult to get the sleep you need in these anxious times. An ongoing pandemic and all the disruptions it has caused to work, school and other aspects of life could keep millions […]
Published 02/11/21
The COVID-19 pandemic has been raging through the world for more than a year. More than 455,000 people have died in the US, but the vast majority of people who become infected survive. Unfortunately, for a significant proportion, symptoms associated with COVID-19 may last for weeks or months. Physicians have dubbed this post-COVID syndrome, or […]
Published 02/05/21
In 2014, an Ebola epidemic broke out in three countries of West Africa–Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. Perhaps the first case was a toddler who became ill late in 2013, but it didn’t take long for the disease to spread. Medical care is rudimentary in the rural areas of these countries, and international organizations did […]
Published 01/29/21
There’s an old saying that a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its boots. This possibility is especially noticeable and potentially harmful when it comes to health claims. How do medical myths get such widespread credence? Why We Fall for Medical Myths: The COVID-19 pandemic has brought […]
Published 01/22/21
Imagine a dental diet designed to keep your teeth and gums in good health. What does it look like? Does it have any impact on your health beyond the limit of your tongue? A Dentist Champions the Dental Diet for Overall Health: Few people realize that there is a strong connection between gum infection (periodontitis) […]
Published 01/14/21