According to the CDC, cases of COVID-19 have been rising in several parts of the country. Cases of hospitalization for COVID are also up. One way to protect ourselves from airborne germs like the SARS-CoV-2 virus is through better ventilation and air filtration. How well are we using these techniques? Maximizing Ventilation to Avoid Airborne […]
Published 09/22/23
Published 09/22/23
Since at least the 16th century, people have suggested that the eyes are the windows to the soul. In the 21st century, ophthalmologists have developed technology that allows them to assess our health beyond our eyes. What do they see when they look through these windows to the brain? Eyes as the Windows to the […]
Published 09/14/23
When you develop a health problem with symptoms that trouble you, the first step is to find out what it is. Diagnosis may be the most basic task a doctor or other healthcare provider undertakes. That doesn’t mean it is easy, though. New research is uncovering the shocking dangers of misdiagnosis. The Dangers of Misdiagnosis […]
Published 09/08/23
Would you be surprised to learn that hypnosis is a powerful tool for healing? If your primary exposure to this practice has been in books and movies, you may have a few misconceptions about how it works and what it can do. Some people imagine that when you are hypnotized, you lose control. Instead, it […]
Published 09/01/23
When you think of preventing heart disease, what comes to mind? We hope you envision regular exercise and a healthful diet (whatever that means to you). Perhaps you also plan for regular checkups and know what your cholesterol levels are. If they have been high, you may be taking a statin cholesterol-lowering drug to get […]
Published 08/24/23
Only a few decades ago, most households had very limited ways of measuring their members’ health. There were thermometers to tell if someone had a fever. A bathroom scale could tell if you were losing or gaining weight. For quite a while, if you wanted to know about your blood sugar or your blood pressure, […]
Published 08/17/23
Have you ever taken a package out of your mailbox on a hot day and noticed that it was warm to the touch? If the pouch contained a tee shirt or a pair of sneakers, you probably didn’t think much more of it. But millions of people get their medications by mail, and some medicines […]
Published 08/10/23
If you tell your healthcare provider that you’re feeling anxious or depressed, chances are they will prescribe you a medication. Millions of people take anti-anxiety pills or antidepressants, and many find that the medicine makes life more bearable. But can you understand what makes your life meaningful? For that, you might need to tell your […]
Published 08/04/23
No question about it, sunshine and heat can be stressful for your skin. This episode is all about solutions to summer skin problems. Sunscreens offer the promise of protection from sunburn, but are they as good as we think they are? Does sunscreen block vitamin D formation? Find out which sunscreen ingredients work best and […]
Published 07/27/23
It’s way too hot, not just in the United States, but in other parts of the world as well. The temperature in Rome this week was 107 degrees Fahrenheit. It is anticipated that the islands of Sicily and Sardinia could reach as high as 118. Temperatures were also dangerously high in Athens, leading authorities there […]
Published 07/20/23
You are probably familiar with adrenaline, the hormone that jolts through your body in an emergency. As a result, your heart beats faster and harder, your hands shake, your pupils dilate and your muscles are mobilized for fast action. This is extremely useful in a crisis. But what if your body goes into crisis mode […]
Published 07/14/23
This week on our nationally syndicated radio show, our topic is evolution and the role of delicious flavors. We talk with Dr. Rob Dunn, ecologist and evolutionary biologist, about how the search for food with delicious flavors as well as high nutrient content might have shaped our behavior as we evolved. How Humans Define Delicious […]
Published 07/06/23
Until 1994, when Congress passed legislation on dietary supplements, most people using herbal medicine made it themselves or got it from a friend or family member with a green thumb. Before that time, most stores selling herbs in tinctures, capsules and tea bags were small, and so were the companies supplying them. Now, though, the […]
Published 06/29/23
Too many of us assume that aging automatically brings debility and cognitive decline. So it is a pleasure to talk with a centenarian who is ready to share the secrets to living a long healthy life. Secrets to Living a Long Healthy Life: Dr. Gladys McGarey is 102 years old. She spent her childhood in […]
Published 06/22/23
If you are like us, you welcome the first warm days of the season with joy. And then you start to fret. How can you avoid tick bites? Many people recognize Lyme disease as a serious health threat from deer tick bites. However, fewer are aware that a bite from a completely different tick, the […]
Published 06/16/23
Millions of Americans take dietary supplements, and most of us assume that they are safe. While that is probably a reasonable rule of thumb, there are some situations that require more vigilance. In particular, we need to beware of herb and drug interactions. Even your doctor may not know about the hidden harms. How Risky […]
Published 06/09/23
Physical activity is a key pillar of good health. Fewer than a fourth of American adults move their bodies enough to keep them healthy. The rest of us may spend too much time sitting in front of a computer or television screen. We recognize we need more exercise. But just as we wouldn’t try to […]
Published 06/01/23
Are you getting enough fresh air? More than a century ago, Florence Nightingale insisted that hospitals needed good ventilation to get lots of fresh air. That would keep patients from spreading dangerous respiratory infections like tuberculosis. Although she didn’t use the term, she was describing the concept of sick buildings. Over the last year and […]
Published 05/26/23
For decades researchers have told us that beta amyloid accumulation in the brain causes Alzheimer disease (AD). The FDA has recently approved two new drugs, Aduhelm and Leqembi, based on this theory. There is a third drug, donanemab, waiting on the runway. All three medications are very good at removing amyloid plaque from the brain, […]
Published 05/25/23
You may not have thought much about long illness, but chances are you know someone who is suffering with one. The CDC estimates that some chronic condition afflicts as many as one in six American adults. That could be more than 130 million people. What counts as a long illness? Now, as experts declare that […]
Published 05/19/23
This week on our nationally syndicated radio show, we explore the ecology of our bodies, especially our skin. Our faces, our armpits and even our bellybuttons harbor a multitude of tiny animals that we don’t see most of the time. What are they doing on us? The Fascinating World of the Tiny Animals Living on […]
Published 05/11/23
This week’s episode begins with an interview. We talk with Dr. Craig Hopp of the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health about why doctors so often dismiss home remedies as old wives tales. Then he describes how we could evaluate remedies without randomized controlled trials. Natural products may offer leads for new drug development. […]
Published 05/04/23
We have multiple nervous systems. You are probably aware of the nerves that help move your arms to throw a ball or move your legs to jump. No doubt you also know about the fight-or-flight response triggered by a fright. The oddly named sympathetic nervous system is in charge of that. Many of us don’t […]
Published 04/27/23
Do you love your hair the way it is? Many of us wish our hair were different–curlier, straighter, darker or lighter. But what people worry about most with their hair is when they lose it. Can you keep your hair from falling out? Why does hair loss affect some people, including women as well as […]
Published 04/24/23