Kate Hogan, global head of internal audit at Blackstone, on self-advocacy, sponsors, and stepping off the well-trodden path
Published 03/08/24
Innovative new approaches and data-backed programs from both the public and private sectors show promise in finding solutions to homelessness and housing insecurity.
Published 12/19/23
Deloitte's Monica O'Reilly and Jim Eckenrode discuss rising interest rates, inflationary fears and other factors driving decision-making as financial services firms plan for turbulent times
Published 12/05/23
It’s not always best to value grit or follow-through, says Annie Duke, a former professional poker player who knows a thing or two about when to fold her cards. Hear her conversation with Deloitte's Steve Goldbach and Stuart Crainer of Thinkers 50 from the podcast The Provocateurs.
Published 11/17/23
Digital transformation seems to be a given in most organizations. It’s not a question of whether they will do it, but what sort of return they can expect from it. But finding those returns may depend more on the underpinnings of the transformation, not the top-level technologies or grand ambitions that are expressed. John Marcante and Tim Smith have been in the trenches of digital transformations. Marcante spent almost 30 years in both technology and business leadership positions at...
Published 09/15/23
Mary Ludgin, director of global investment research for Heitman, makes the case for lateral moves, role models, and redefining the criteria for a good hire
Published 05/17/23
Holly Snyder, president of Nationwide Life Insurance, shares why courage, empathy and authenticity are key components of her leadership toolkit
Published 04/24/23
Mary Mack, CEO of Consumer and Small Banking at Wells Fargo, shares how she’s led teams through layoffs, mergers, massive disruption, and personal tragedy
Published 03/08/23
The road to leadership is different for everyone—for Vanguard’s Crystal Hardie Langston, it meant seeing the upside of disruption, insisting on accountability, and using data to shape the conversation around DE&I.
Published 02/28/23
Employee well-being programs are a good start, but work processes and management practices might need to change too, according to two Deloitte workforce professionals
Published 02/15/23
Ensuring equipment is compatible is only the first step—real interoperability shares goals, harmonious systems, and a whole lot of trust.
Published 02/02/23
The road to leadership is different for everyone—for State Farm’s Sarah Mineau, it meant learning from disappointments, leaping at new opportunities, and having the courage to step off an established path.
Published 12/14/22
Increasing reliability and smoothing out the customer experience could be key to making the holiday season bright for the retail and travel industries
Published 11/03/22
Complex supply chains, data trustworthiness, manual spreadsheets - these are all challenges the consumer industry will have to overcome to make green claims more than hot air.
Published 10/10/22
About 200,000 people leave the US military every year. Making the transition to the civilian workforce can be challenging, and private-sector employers are stepping up to help. Wells Fargo is tackling the issue with one-on-one support, intensive programs, and the understanding that one size does not fit all.
Published 10/03/22
The financial services industries are living in interesting times – with all the upheaval and uncertainty that implies. But Deloitte’s Monica O’Reilly and Jim Eckenrode say opportunities are there for companies that concentrate on talent, technology and purpose.
Published 08/30/22
The road to leadership is different for everyone. For Platinum Equity’s Stephanie Barter, it meant starting early, trusting herself, and looking for potential in unexpected places.
Published 08/22/22
The road to leadership is different for everyone. For American Express’ Stacy Portizky, it meant embracing hybrid work before it was cool, knowing her non-negotiables, and discovering new opportunities without leaving her company.
Published 08/16/22
The road to leadership is different for everyone—for Columbia Threadneedle’s Laura Weatherup, it meant defining her own path, asking the right questions at the right times, and taking advantage of "voluntold" opportunities.  
Published 08/10/22
The road to leadership is different for everyone. For Prudential Financial, Inc.’s Peggy Foran, it meant embracing grit, pushing search firms out of their comfort zones, and homing in on what’s really important.
Published 08/04/22
Organizations that make an extra effort to recruit, retain, and nurture neurodivergent workers can gain a competitive edge from increased diversity in skills, ways of thinking, and approaches to problem-solving
Published 04/08/22
Tanya talks with Scott Buchholz and Mike Bechtel about cyber threats, charismatic AI, and the other factors that are automating, streamlining, and completely reinventing the world of IT.
Published 02/15/22
COVID-19 variants, semiconductor shortages, labor-force issues … there’s a lot of uncertainty in our economic future. Tanya Ott asks Ira Kalish to break down the factors that will influence the global economy over the next year.
Published 01/12/22