224 – Cobra
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We’re riding with the hero of the Zombie squad this week as he tries to keep an innocent woman safe from the New World Order! Join us as we revisit Cobra! … Read more
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This week we finish our look at one of the funniest odd films from the 80s – Raining Arizona ! … Read more
Published 09/23/21
“Sometimes it’s a hard world for the little things”. Join Angry & Gidgit as they discuss their first Coen brothers movie the 1987 Crime/Comedy cult film Raising Arizona…part one … Read more
Published 09/16/21
This week we’re family friendly and out in the yard! Problem is we’re only a 1/4 inch high!  Join Gidgit and Angry as we re-watch this fun film!! … Read more
Published 09/09/21