“Sometimes it’s a hard world for the little things”. Join Angry & Gidgit as they discuss their first Coen brothers movie the 1987 Crime/Comedy cult film Raising Arizona…part one … Read more
Published 09/16/21
This week we’re family friendly and out in the yard! Problem is we’re only a 1/4 inch high!  Join Gidgit and Angry as we re-watch this fun film!! … Read more
Published 09/09/21
It’s end of month time and we are heading back to the old dart to podcast Top Ten 80’s British Films. This episode Gidgit is joined by Brian from Launching the Pilot podcast over there in the UK as they countdown the best of British. Check Brian’s podcast out here where he talks about the pilot episodes of TV shows. https://launchingthepilot.podbean.com/ … Read more
Published 09/02/21
So how does it end? And what does Angry think of the Donner cut? All this and more in this second part episode! … Read more
Published 08/26/21
Well it turned out to need two parts to enjoy this movie properly! Join us for all the drama and it’s Lester vs Donner as Gidgit and Angry talk all things Krypton!  … Read more
Published 08/19/21
This week we kick back to watch the classic comedy – with a touch of horror – starring the amazing @therealelvira – Cassandra Peterson! This week we’re all about Elvira! … Read more
Published 08/12/21
With some great action sequences and probably the best helicopter in cinema history this week we join Murphy and his JAFO as they fly over Los Angeles fighting crime in Blue Thunder! … Read more
Published 08/05/21
This week we’re all about the animals in 80’s movies. Pets or otherwise we look at some of the cuddly and not so cuddly friends in 80s cinema! … Read more
Published 07/29/21
We’re riding with the hero of the Zombie squad this week as he tries to keep an innocent woman safe from the New World Order! Join us as we revisit Cobra! … Read more
Published 07/22/21
“I have seen the future of horror and his name is Clive Barker” – Stephen King (quote).  This week Angryman and Gidgit Von LaRue head back down the horror path opening the lament configuration box to unleash the Cenobites on you all in our podcast of Hellraiser (1987) … Read more
Published 07/15/21
Richard Donner was an American Director and Producer of film and television and occasional comic book writer. After directing the horror film the Omen (1976) Donner became famous for directing the first modern super hero film Superman (1978). This is our dedication to the great man. … Read more
Published 07/08/21
June being Pride Month, we decide to celebrate some of the fantastic fun and entertaining characters from the LGBT community in 80s movies! Trust us, it’s fabulous! … Read more
Published 07/01/21
This week we wander the streets of New York with a mermaid! Join us as we join Alan and Madison for a few days in the Big Apple! … Read more
Published 06/24/21
It’s here!! Long requested, finally podcasted! This week Gdgit and Angry have a look at the original Transformer movie! … Read more
Published 06/17/21
Well it’s here! Gidgit and Angry give their take on this give their thoughts on this theatrical fun romp through cinema and gender roles!  … Read more
Published 06/10/21
It’s the end of the month which means it Top Ten time. Make sure your parents are out of the room, lock the door and strap in for Top Ten 80s Movies with Sex Workers. This week Gidgit is joined again by her partner Colonel Kickhead to cover a Top Ten topic chosen by our listeners.  … Read more
Published 05/27/21
Climb on board the Runaway Train as it barrels through the snowy desolate Alaskan wilderness. Our podcast of the 1985 independent action thriller film Runaway Train available now. … Read more
Published 05/20/21
This week we’re innoring the speed limit and racing across America. Join Gidgit and Angry as they have fun with the star studded action packed Cannonball Run! … Read more
Published 05/13/21
In a massive episode, Gidgit and Angry have a look at one of the most popularly requested movies from the 80s that has influenced cinema ever since!  Play a game and listen to us talk all things War Games! … Read more
Published 05/06/21
Gidgit and Angry are back! At the same time! Following on from the Fox and Hound, this week it’s all about animation! We’re well known for our love of animation and so this week we look at some of the amazing work created during the best decade for movies… … Read more
Published 04/29/21
This week, Angry is joined by his daughter Lucie to have a look at a Disney classic that shows just why their movies have enchanted us for years! … Read more
Published 04/15/21
This week it’s another awesome 80s movies Top Ten! Colonel Kickhead head returns as guest and joins Gidgit on counting down their Top Ten 80s movie Douchebags. … Read more
Published 04/08/21
March being International Women’s Month, we thought we’d take a look at some of the amazing characters of cinema that just happened to be female. So many to choose from too!! … Read more
Published 04/01/21
This week Gidgit Von Larue is joined by her guest Colonel Kickhead to talk and talk and talk and let me tell you something….this is the Meaning Of Life! … Read more
Published 03/25/21
This week we finish out our look at one of the great films from the 80s. John Book is now among the Amish, but can he survive to bring the killers to justice?  … Read more
Published 03/18/21