225 – Top Ten Animals in 80s Movie
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This week we’re all about the animals in 80’s movies. Pets or otherwise we look at some of the cuddly and not so cuddly friends in 80s cinema! … Read more
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“Sometimes it’s a hard world for the little things”. Join Angry & Gidgit as they discuss their first Coen brothers movie the 1987 Crime/Comedy cult film Raising Arizona…part one … Read more
Published 09/16/21
This week we’re family friendly and out in the yard! Problem is we’re only a 1/4 inch high!  Join Gidgit and Angry as we re-watch this fun film!! … Read more
Published 09/09/21
It’s end of month time and we are heading back to the old dart to podcast Top Ten 80’s British Films. This episode Gidgit is joined by Brian from Launching the Pilot podcast over there in the UK as they countdown the best of British. Check Brian’s podcast out here where he talks about the pilot...
Published 09/02/21