230 – Honey, I shrunk the kids
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This week we’re family friendly and out in the yard! Problem is we’re only a 1/4 inch high!  Join Gidgit and Angry as we re-watch this fun film!! … Read more
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This Halloween week of 80s horror Gidgit is joined by first time guest Ryan L. Terry from Four’s A Crowd podcast to podcast A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors with Nancy’s return and film debut of Patricia Arquette. Welcome to prime time bitch! https://t.co/R9VR4vOXc0?amp=1 … Read more
Published 10/21/21
Unfortunately due to circumstances out of our control the full movie podcast of A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors will be coming out next week. Our deepest apologies and special apology to my wonderful guest Ryan L. Terry. But all is not lost check out our promo of the podcast and hope...
Published 10/14/21
Now a cult classic, but a great film even at the time of release. Katheryn Bigelow brings us her seductive dark with a great cast and tight film making. Enjoy our review of Near Dark! … Read more
Published 10/07/21