Join Lara Trump and President Donald J. Trump as they discuss the upcoming midterm elections, what’s factoring into his 2024 decision, potential running mates, making America great AGAIN, and MORE! #TheRightView
Published 10/07/22
Join Lara Trump and Michele Tafoya as they discuss her sportscasting career, being a mother, entering the fray of politics, AND MORE!
Published 09/30/22
Published 09/30/22
Join Lara Trump and Ben Stein as they discuss his Hollywood career, working for Richard Nixon, his role in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, his thoughts on the future of our country, AND MORE!
Published 09/23/22
Join Lara Trump and Alexa & Carlos PenaVega as they discuss their new book ”What If Love is the Point?”, raising kids, meeting each other at a bible study, navigating Hollywood, AND MORE!
Published 09/16/22
Join Lara Trump & Jared Kushner as they discuss his NYT Best Seller ”Breaking History”, meeting Ivanka, being part of the Trump family, political futures, AND MORE! #TheRightView
Published 09/09/22
Join Lara Trump and Five For Fighting’s John Ondrasik as they discuss pursuing a career in music, the music industry, his new song for Ukraine ”Can One Man Save the World?”, and MORE!
Published 09/02/22
Join Lara Trump & Utah Police Officer, Tyler Beddoes, as they discuss his new book, the miraculous story of saving a young girl from a car crash, rediscovering his faith after the rescue, what it’s like being an officer these days, and MORE!
Published 08/26/22
Join Lara Trump & David Bellavia, as they talk about receiving the Medal of Honor, going to the White House, his work to help his fellow soldiers and veterans, the Buffalo Bills winning the Super Bowl, and MORE!
Published 08/19/22
Join Lara Trump & WWE Hall of Famer, Mayor Glenn Jacobs, as they discuss making it to the WWE, becoming Kane, their love for PROPER GRAMMAR, jumping into politics, AND MORE! #TheRightView
Published 08/12/22
Join Lara Trump and RaeLynn as they discuss her rising country music career, being on The Voice, acting in a Hallmark movie, her brother and husband in the military, AND MORE! #TheRightView
Published 08/05/22
Join Lara Trump & Adam Carolla as they discuss how he got his start, his new book, how the media loves to sensationalize, SHARK ATTACKS, if he would ever run for office, AND MORE! #TheRightView
Published 07/29/22
Join Lara Trump & one of the deadliest snipers in US History, Nicholas Irving as they discuss how he got into the military, getting his nickname ”The Reaper”, writing his New York Times Best-Selling book, the struggles of being a veteran coming back home, and MUCH MORE! #TheRightView
Published 07/22/22
Join Lara Trump and Morgan Wade as they discuss how he got into BMX as a kid, winning X-Games GOLD, his worst injuries, performing for our soldiers overseas, karaoke, AND MORE! #TheRightView
Published 07/15/22
Join Lara Trump and Annika Sorenstam as they discuss her hall of fame golf career, her new documentary, being a mom, teaching the next generation of golfers, her new cocktails, and MORE!
Published 07/08/22
Join Lara Trump and PragerU CEO, Marissa Streit as they talk serving in Israeli Intelligence, raising their kids, the school system today in America, and how PragerU is FIGHTING BACK! #TheRightView
Published 07/01/22
Join Lara Trump and, the ”Anti-Woke CEO”, Harrison Rogers, as they discuss fighting the WOKE LEFT, keeping Americans informed with his patriotic MMA events, his amateur fighting career, and MORE! #TheRightView
Published 06/24/22
Join Lara Trump and Scott Presler, as they discuss his campaign to clean up city streets, registering voters across the country, choosing to get politically active, and MUCH MORE! #TheRightView
Published 06/17/22
Join Lara Trump and Actor/Director Sean Patrick Flanery as they discuss his directorial debut, Frank & Penelope, his role in the new season of The Boys, his passion for Brazilian jiu-jitsu, training his children, and MORE! #TheRightView
Published 06/10/22
Join Lara Trump, Jay Cutler, and Eric Trump for a very special episode of The Right View as they are put on the spot answering questions they’ve never seen before!
Published 06/03/22
Join Lara Trump and former Navy Seal and NYT Best-Selling Author, Jack Carr as they discuss becoming a navy seal, becoming a successful author, his new book, ”In The Blood”, his upcoming Amazon Series, ”The Terminal List” with Chris Pratt, AND MORE! #TheRightView
Published 05/27/22
Join Lara Trump and NHRA World Champion Driver, Erica Enders as they discuss her racing career beginning at 8 years old, being a female driver, Disney making a movie about her and her sister, her love for our veterans and this country, karaoke, and MORE! #TheRightView
Published 05/20/22
Join Lara Trump and Justin ”Zoom Magic” Gallegos, as they discuss how he got into running, being offered a Nike contract, appearing in his college’s track & field museum, inspiring others along the way, and MUCH MORE! #TheRightView
Published 05/13/22
Join Lara Trump and Jack Posobiec as they discuss the Supreme Court ”Leak”, being a parent, Elon Musk buying Twitter, Hillary running again in 2024, his fabled acting career, and MORE! #TheRightView
Published 05/06/22
Join Lara Trump and legendary drummer of System of a Down, John Dolmayan, as they discuss his immigration story, finding his love for music, why he’s not afraid of cancel culture, and MORE! #TheRightView
Published 04/22/22