If there was NO chance of getting fired, would you hook up at the office holiday party? New details on ‘That 90s Show’. We mourn the loss of Fleetwood Mac legend Christine McVie. We discuss our favourite pants. Owen Wilson to play Bob Ross in new movie. Brock tells the story of when he and his dad stole the queens toilet seat during ‘Helluva Story’. If you use a recipe is that cheating?
Published 12/05/22
Our exclusive chat with Canadian Men’s Soccer Star Sam Adekugbe’s Mother! Deepa learns to drive manual. We learn about Roz’s book cover. Did Mariah lip sync? Will Smith speaks out. Roz finally downloads Google Calendar. We chat obnoxious neighbours. Plus, who would you have narrate your life?
Published 12/02/22
Published 12/02/22
Why does the Grinch remind us of Roz? Do we get annoyed at the amount of money our spouse spends in general? Has Maurie ever had a legitimate crush on Roz?
Published 12/02/22
If Roz could mimic one of our honeymoons to use as his own, who’s would he pick? Are any of us on the show related to any celebs? Have we picked up any new habits during the pandemic? Was Maurie always in Roz’s book, despite having to earn his way in?
Published 11/30/22
We’re celebrating our 500th podcast episode! To celebrate, we’re bringing you this exclusive ‘Ask Roz & Mocha segment with all callers!
Published 11/29/22
The Damnits put up their tree, and we have the audio, you don’t wanna miss it! Santa came to town, and we spoke to kids along the parade route. Lady Gaga is roasted for a fake boomerang. Another podcast slowed down segment! Plus, Katarina pooped herself in this weeks Helluva Story!
Published 11/28/22
Would you buy a life sized teddy bear to cuddle with, Shem would. Julia Fox explains why she dated Kanye. We celebrate the Argos Grey Cup win with many fans. Things we’ve loved that are now discontinued. Roz is finally wearing socks. Plus, More on ‘Flick-A-Mania’.
Published 11/25/22
Love all the questions you send in weekly for ‘Ask Roz & Mocha’! Would you slap a coworker for $25,000? What’s your favourite childhood Christmas memory? If you don’t eat the pizza crust, did you really eat pizza?
Published 11/24/22
What are we starting to like less as we get older? What were our biggest accomplishment in elementary school? Plus, We describe our very first dates.
Published 11/23/22
We’ll play a round of ‘Mouth Charades’! Jana Kramer’s wild story about Chris Evans ghosting her after a date. Kumail Nanjiani Chats ‘Welcome To Chippendales’ with Damnit Maurie. Sylvester Stallone reacts to Roz’s wedding proposal! Plus, Dennis Quaid Chats ‘Strange World’.
Published 11/21/22
Sylvester Stallone chats with Deepa about ‘Tulsa King’. Millie Bobby Brown takes a lie detector test. Roz finally got his oil changed. The highly talked about ‘Flick-A-Mania’ showdown takes place. Len Goodman steps down from DWTS. Plus, the most commonly used passwords of 2022!
Published 11/18/22
Always such fun questions during the ‘Ask Roz & Mocha’ podcast – This weeks include; Would you rather have fingers the length of nipples or nipples the length of fingers?? What is the best way to eat an onion? What’s your routine while you’re sick?
Published 11/17/22
Why we picked the pets we have. If you had to live in 40 degree temps or -10 degree temps which would it be? What is the grossest thing we’ve ever touched? Plus, will The Roz & Mocha Show ever go on the road?
Published 11/16/22
Vogue is suing Drake & 21 Savage for their fake magazine covers. Was Mocha held down by a ghost? We chat ‘Falling For Christmas’ with Lindsay Lohan & Chord Overstreet. Kids Write Jokes! Plus, we celebrate Damnit Matthew’s 40th birthday!
Published 11/14/22
The Karate Kid himself Ralph Macchio joins us to talk about his new book! Snoop Dogg denies that he smokes 75-100 joints a day. Powerball Winner Timothy Schultz joins us to talk about what it feels like to win 29 million bucks. Damnit Maurie is in a Christmas Movie! A new warning about licking toads. We try and break the world record for clapping. Plus, Jason Momoa shows off his bare butt!
Published 11/11/22
Always love the questions you send in for ‘Ask Roz & Mocha’ including; Lemon or Lime? Best Jolly Rancher flavour? What happened to the smartest kid from your high school? Plus, the always popular - Hypothetically, if Roz was gay, would he date Maurie?
Published 11/10/22
Roz tries to figure out what ‘Jumbie’ means. Will Roz be having a bachelor party? If we were each arrested, what do we think we would we be arrested for? And Deepa talks about who her hall pass would be?
Published 11/09/22
Shawn Desman gets emotional talking about all the love from his fans. Randall Park chats ‘Blockbuster’. Charlie Hunnam on a possible ‘Sons Of Anarchy reunion. Ryan Reynolds interested in buying the Ottawa Senators. Plus, Anne Hathaway addresses a possible ‘Devil Wears Prada’ reunion.
Published 11/07/22
Cat & Nat join us for a round of The ‘Best Friend Challenge’! Our 8th annual Halloween radio drama! We chat with the cast of ‘Love is Blind’. Shem’s October recap song. We find out how many ghosts people have seen! Plus, is Millie Bobby Brown recording a song with Mariah Carey?
Published 11/04/22
Amazing questions in this ‘Ask Roz & Mocha’ podcast! What can you say during sex but also at a family dinner? What’s the worst thing you’ve stepped on, bare foot? Following the rules while driving and does Roz eat during the day now that he’s not on TV?
Published 11/03/22
Would Mocha rather party with Drake or The Rock? What is the craziest thing we’ve ever done in the name of love? & What would be our dream super bowl halftime show?
Published 11/02/22
We meet Snoop Dogg’s professional blunt roller. Finally a montage of all the times Roz says ‘uh duh duh’ in the news. Damnit Maurie chats with Maple Leafs stars Mitch Marner & Michael Bunting! Martha Stewart finally admits she would date Pete Davidson. We mourn the passing of Leslie Jordan. WWE legend Trish Status joins us to talk CGT season 2. Roz thinks Lewis Hamilton is boring at story telling and Matthew Perry talks about stealing from open houses.
Published 10/28/22
The Damnits were tasked with watching and describing all 10 episodes of ‘House Of The Dragon’. You have been loving these recaps and now you can re-live and re-love all their recaps right here on this special podcast episode.
Published 10/26/22
The key to good sleep is stealing a TODDLER'S routine. That means: Setting a consistent bedtime, taking a bath or shower, putting on lotion and doing something quiet before bed. If you saw Akon back in the day, you may have actually paid to see his twin brother! Uber Eats now delivers weed. We chat about ‘The Watcher’ on Netflix. Damnit Maurie chats with Pamela Anderson for her new HGTV show. BTS are headed to military duty. We’ll tell you which actor has said the F word the most in movies....
Published 10/21/22