When FBI Agents Ask For Gift Cards - Ep 5
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In this episode I play Edna, a grandma on the phone with multiple scammers. At one point they decided to pose as a government agent BUT things take a turn for the worst when I join the call as a rival scammer named “Daniel”. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llF2HEJAYB0 Twitch: https://twitch.tv/kitboga Twitter: https://twitter.com/kitboga Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kitbogashow/ The call kicks off with a scammer battle between Steven and Alex.  Alex was doing the classic refund scam and was about to get Target gift cards. Another new guy scammer is called and pretends to be Alex, telling Edna to shut off the computer to disconnect OG Alex. In a poor attempt to sound more legitimate than the OG Alex, he tells her he’s from the FTC and he’s trying to save her and get a hold of OG Alex who is on her computer. After a sudden career change, new guy Alex now works for the FBI and says he will give her a password (blood) so she knows who the true Alex is just in case OG Alex calls back. Daniel from the WWWWTSACTP calls in and says new guy Alex is lying and tries to guide Edna into giving him the Target gift cards instead. When Edna goes to the bathroom, Daniel admits he’s a refund scammer too and proposes he and new guy Alex split the gift cards. When that doesn’t work, Daniel cries and pretends to hang up, only to pop back on a couple minutes later after overhearing the secret password. Daniel then hangs up and spam texts Edna “I’m a vampire I need blood” and “I want to suck your blood”. Alex tries to convince her he needs the card numbers to track Daniel down and arrest him (scammer logic). Alex transfers the call to Officer Albert who threatens to throw Edna behind the bars for assisting in criminal activity by giving the gift cards to Daniel since she sent him two of four cards via text. He tries to convince her that he is investigating the scam and needs the remaining cards to track Daniel down and in turn he will get her all the money back. Edna comes up with a better idea – she spends the gift cards at target.com, ordering $2000 in board games and other toys for her grandchildren. Daniel, who has been listening to the call the entire time, chimes in at the end and calls out Albert saying he’s not from the FBI. Daniel ends by saying he’s the one that works for the FBI and questions Albert about whether his family knows where he works, but he hangs up.
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