Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan on how he overcame one of the toughest losses of his career. He speaks with host Domonique Foxworth about what went through his mind in the days following the Falcons' devastating Super Bowl loss to the New England Patriots—  after the media disappeared and the hype faded.The Secret to Victory is hosted by Domonique Foxworth.
Published 08/23/17
Published 08/23/17
When faced with a devastating knee injury, Chicago Cubs player Kyle Schwarber found ways to improve the parts of his game he hadn’t had the opportunity to work on before. When he found himself up to bat in the World Series, he was ready — and would help rewrite the fortunes of the team known as The Loveable Losers.The Secret to Victory is hosted by Domonique Foxworth.Visit gatorade.com/podcast to learn more. 
Published 08/16/17
Early in his career, Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt wasn’t the athlete he’s known as today. In fact, he was the opposite. On this episode of The Secret to Victory, J.J. Watt talks about how he went from a high school football player ignored by big-time college scouts-- to the quarterback-sacking, pass-deflecting monster he is in the NFL today.The Secret to Victory is hosted by Domonique Foxworth.Visit gatorade.com/podcast to learn more. We want to hear what you think of the show! Go...
Published 08/09/17
Serena Williams doesn’t lose often, but when she does she takes a lot of flak for the way she loses-- her reactions, her behavior. But maybe there’s a reason for all of it. Something more than just a desire to win. We speak with Serena Williams about one of her worst defeats-- her 2016 loss to Karolína Plíšková in the US Open. She opens up about what happened that day-- and why, as she puts it, she’s a “terrible loser.” And it turns out, there’s more to it than you might think.The Secret to...
Published 08/02/17
Take the perfect team, the perfect coach, the perfect college basketball season-- and lose it all in a single game. Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns sits down with host Domonique Foxworth to talk about what he learned from one of his most devastating defeats-- Kentucky’s fall to Wisconsin during the 2015 Final Four. We want to hear what you think of the show! Go to thesecrettovictory.com/survey to fill out a survey and let us know. 
Published 07/26/17
Before they won Super Bowls-- before they made Pro Bowls-- before the name Manning was synonymous with victory, both Eli Manning and Peyton Manning had to learn what it meant lose, and lose big. This week, on The Secret to Victory: Peyton and Eli Manning on what they each learned from their rookie seasons. The Secret to Victory is hosted by Domonique Foxworth. Visit gatorade.com/podcast to learn more. This episode features: - Peyton Manning, retired NFL quarterback- Eli Manning, quarterback...
Published 07/19/17
What happens when the best athletes in the world lose? From Gatorade and Gimlet Creative, a podcast about how the world’s most competitive athletes use defeat as motivation to build strength from the inside out, and ultimately come out on top. Episodes featuring Serena Williams, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Matt Ryan, J.J. Watt, Karl-Anthony Towns Jr., Kyle Schwarber, and the people who know them best.The Secret to Victory premieres in July.Visit gatorade.com/podcast to learn more.The Secret...
Published 06/23/17