The Skeptics Guide #978 - Apr 6 2024
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Guest Rogue: Andrea Jones Rooy; Quickie with Bob: Silicon Spikes; News Items: Havana Syndrome, Robo Taxis in New York, Rebellions - Cultural Memory - and Eclipses, Gravitational Waves and Human Life; Your Questions and E-mails: Evolution of Gullibility; Who's That Noisy; Science or Fiction
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What's the Word: Zooxanthellae; News Items: Blue Origin Update, Human Predator, Escaped GMOs, Solar Storm, Crypto Astrology; Who's That Noisy; Your Questions and E-mails: AI; Science or Fiction
Published 05/25/24
Update on Steorn Free Energy; News Items: Chat GPT 4o, 2023 Hottest Summer, Spotting Misinformation, AI Training Robots, Reincarnated Son of Buddha; Who's That Noisy; Your Questions and E-mails: Protecting Bigfoot; Science or Fiction
Published 05/18/24