On this episode, we answer your VMs in our DMs, and review The Last Of Us 2! Enjoy!
Published 07/10/20
On this episode, we talk about TLOU2 and reveal who won our Patreon and VM giveaways! Enjoy!
Published 07/03/20
On this episode, we discuss the widely debated title "The Last of Us 2". Enjoy!
Published 06/26/20
On this episode, we discuss the PS5 reveal, enjoy!
Published 06/19/20
On this episode, we discuss the dumpster fire known as "13 Reasons Why"
Published 06/12/20
this episode is dedicated to the memory of George Floyd.
Published 06/05/20
On this episode, Frankie goes after all the Snyder Cut defenders and has the most deep cut V neck shirt we've ever seen, we also talk about how hood he was as a kid. Enjoy!
Published 05/29/20
On this episode, we discuss the extremely hyped release of the "Snyder Cut". We also discuss the best Battle Royale games in the world. Enjoy!
Published 05/22/20
On this episode, we discuss the reveal of the new Unreal Engine running on PS5 and list what launch titles we would love to see for next gen systems! Enjoy!
Published 05/15/20
On this episode, we review Ozark season 3, Nick Cage playing Joe Exotic, Joe scaring us and making us feel dumb and more! Enjoy!
Published 05/08/20
On this episode, we talk more Animal Crossing, West World season 3 and Netflix's Too Hot To Handle, also we get a cameo from Miles, enjoy!
Published 05/01/20
On this episode, we discuss Danny caving and buying Animal Crossing and we debate the final two episodes in our office bracket.
Published 04/24/20
Published 04/24/20
On this episode we do the other side of the Office Episode Bracket and talk who should play Joe Exotic in a Tiger King biopic.
Published 04/17/20
On this episode, we finally see which Office episode reigns supreme. Enjoy!
Published 04/10/20
On this episode, we discuss the new film "The Invisible Man" and talk being quarantined.
Published 04/03/20
On the episode,  The Boys Are Back! We're talking America's #1 Netflix show, Tiger King! Enjoy.
Published 03/28/20
On this episode, Danny and Frankie fight, Joe comes in, Danny freestyles and a whole bunch more...Enjoy!
Published 03/06/20
On this episode, we discuss wanting to go back to being babies, next gen consoles, if Becca can read & more! Enjoy!
Published 02/28/20
On this episode we discuss the controversial ST4 trailer, Frankie is amazing at combining words and Danny sings. Enjoy!
Published 02/21/20
On this episode we recap the Oscars and sing Nickelback...enjoy!
Published 02/14/20
On this episode, we ask the age old question... are Fast movies even the slightest bit good?
Published 02/07/20
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Published 01/31/20
On this episode, we obviously sing, Super Size Me 2, we talk about if prequels are cool and the Aaron Hernandez Netflix Doc.
Published 01/24/20
On this episode, we talk about Black Widow, Jared Leto being a weirdo and sing...a lot. Enjoy!
Published 01/17/20