Episode 1847 - This is a High energy must listen show! One of the best shows of the year. This is the show where I tie together Genesis chapter six with the ancient satanic religions of the Canaanites. I also discuss ancient Israel and their worship of the Canaanite demons... Then I explain the Christianity era of the first century along with Israel’s exile into Babylon. The show then goes into the six century writing of the the Babylonian Talmud and the Zohar which is the foundational work...
Published 09/29/22
Episode 1846 - Is Breast milk toxic after shot? Who blew up the pipeline? Will Germany freeze this winter? Stone says his latest video is deep fake! Be careful who watches your children! Will there be thermonuclear war? Why were there so many pyramids on the planet? Why are major currencies at parity? Plus much much more!High energy must listen show!
Published 09/28/22
Episode 1846 - More emergency untested unlabeled approval for toxic vaccines. FBI goes after protestor protecting his own child. New Zealand goes full draconian. Harvard says jab more dangerous than virus. Oath keepers trial starts about January 6. Germany police no longer tracking migration origin of criminals. EPA busted by court for approval of glyphosate. Ovomit says Americans are racist for opposing immigration. Plus much much more. Super fast paced intense must listen broadcast today!
Published 09/27/22
Episode 1845 - Another hurricane and stores once again ransacked of water by those who didn’t prepare in advance. Unexpected death increases globally. Is the USA media is a propaganda platform? Is Amazon a DOD/CIA front organization? Trump continues to promote shot. Perils of the woke military. We have to stop the perverse ideology being pushed on the children! Will the USA have a true election in 2022? Christ has to be preached! Plus much much more! This is an intense must listen politically...
Published 09/26/22
Episode 1844 - Wow this is that show today! All wars are bankers wars. George Orwell quotes. Ted gives the real numbers on Christian beliefs. Is western civilization done? Pawns in the Game by Carr is a must read. What happens if the electricity stops? The Emancipation Proclamation discussed. History is totally manipulated! 911 Building 7 collapse discussed. How do the banksters create polarization. Ted does a ten minute must hear segment on this topic. Plus much more! This show is a smoking...
Published 09/23/22
Episode 1843 - Wow todays show is intense. Ted goes into 30 minute rant exposing : Who are the blood line families? Why are they intent on destroying nation states? Why do they feel Christian culture has to be destroyed? J Edgar Hoover quote. Who is Jesus? Why did He come in physical form? How much power do Christians have? This is an intense must listen green show! Why did Fauci announce retirement? What is a D-wave computer? Plus much more! Yes this is that show!
Published 09/22/22
Episode 1842 - Ted and Austin are reporting live from DC today! Why is the FED collapsing the economy? Are Hormone transition ages being lowered? Martha’s Vineyard illegals sue Desantis. Attorney Generals go after tracking gun sales by Visa. Germany goes full perversion. Is Glyphosate Linked to Alzheimer’s? Are ETs for real. Plus much more. High energy must listen show today!
Published 09/21/22
Episode 1841 - How to lose weight easily and permanently. Can food be a medicine? Certain foods to avoid. Why is nicotine so bad for you? Why is alcohol so bad? Can coffee increase the risk of cancer? Focus on nutrient density. Feed your kids healthy food. How addictive is sugar? Is there a natural way to maintain libido. Plus much much more. Today is a must listen green show. This information is critical to your health!
Published 09/20/22
Episode 1840 - Is Ted the preacher teacher? How do we forgive the Covidians? Why do some people never see the truth about anything? Is Trump-embracing Q? What is Q? Maher warns schools against critical race theory. Will the housing market collapse? Was Gloria Steinem a CIA paid asset? How has women liberation destroyed the family unit? How much was the 60’s counter culture funded by the CIA? The normalization of childhood Myocarditis is upon us. Plus much much more! This is a thought...
Published 09/19/22
Episode 1839 - Another great show today! Is More propaganda being released to cover no testing on the boosters? Biden to fund more micro technology. Whose really Hacking the human body? Is Myocarditis targeting the children? Could Trump beat Biden? Was 911 the trigger for the New World Order? How many illegals are coming to the USA? Is child trafficking paying the bills? High energy must listen truth barrage today.
Published 09/16/22
Episode 1838 - Today is a high energy green show! It is a message of hope and direction. Topics covered include. Who are the real planetary rulers? Why won’t Christians discuss these topics? This is a deep deep rabbit hole show! What are we capable of as Christians having a blood covenant with the most high God? How are the global rulers tied into an inter-dimensional matrix? Why child sacrifice? Are there other species that we don’t know about inter-dimensionally? How do these entities eat?...
Published 09/15/22
Episode 1837 - Will credit cards be used to track gun purchases? Is more gun legislation on the way? Are more homeland security color chart warnings on the way? Why are there so many current fake school shootings? What’s the real reason the shots can’t be independently researched? Behavioral psychologists being employed to force shot compliance. Was the Steele Dossier total fabrication? How to burn body fat permanently. What are you bringing to the table in an emergency situation? Plus much...
Published 09/14/22
Episode 1836 - Great green show today. Red light cameras create a horrible hazard. Who was Crispus Attucks? What was the Boston Massacre in 1770? DeSantis says put on the full arm of God! Chinese facial recognition cameras being installed globally. AI creator warns of catastrophic consequences. Declaration of Independence discussed. First Amendment discussed. Our rights discussed. This is a must listen intense constitutionally correct show today!
Published 09/13/22
Episode 1835 - Ted does an impassioned plea to pastors to learn and then to preach the truth. Should politics be discussed in the church? Why are beta males running the churches? Why aren’t pastors protesting at school board meetings? Why are churches focusing on woke members? NY judge dismissed for racist comments. Astrophysicist says there is no globaL warming only sun and moon cycles. Texas teacher fired for trying to justify perversion. Plus much much more. High energy must listen show!
Published 09/12/22
Episode 1834 - Wow this is another great green show! Kind of a fireside chat combined with truth. This is a show of faith, hope and standing your ground. Why is the WEF being used as a figurehead? It’s not Biden vs Trump! What is viral shedding? Broward county finally says no to perversion! Plus much more! High intensity must listen show! 
Published 09/09/22
Episode 1833 - Is CERN shutting down to conserve power? New kill shot with no testing approved. SADS vs SIDS what’s the difference? It’s all about eugenics and genocide. Who was HG Wells and Huxley and Rhodes? We’re they agents of the communist? Did Crist just commit political suicide? Plus much much more. High energy must listen show!
Published 09/08/22
Episode 1832 - This is a must listen green show. Ted goes on a 30 minute must listen rant. Topics covered. Keep your colon clean. Avoid auto intoxication. Stay away from negative influences Prayers are scalar energy. Love and support one another. How do the Kabbalist control the energy field around the planet? What is a Dwave computer? Why does Hollywood wear the red string? Why is prayer so powerful? Are hundreds of millions damaged from the clot shot? Plus much much more!
Published 09/07/22
Episode 1831 - Ted sets up a new email for listeners.mailto:[email protected] Americans have to wake up! Ted does a 20 minute rant exposing the WEF and other global players and their evil agenda. Top ten foods never to eat are discussed. The dangers and side effects of aspartame discussed in detail. Plus much much more! Todays show is an intense must listen politically incorrect truth barrage!
Published 09/06/22
Episode 1830 - Who are the weirdos supporting Biden? Pseudo President gets massive blowback due to speech from Hell. Modern Psychiatry is demonic! AR 15’s vs F 16? Think Afghanistan. An excellent open letter to Biden. How the media was censored. The schools are perversion indoctrination centers! California power grid is a mess. Country Star dropped due to his wife’s correct anti-woke comments. Plus much more. High energy must listen show!
Published 09/05/22
Episode 1829 - Was the death of Princess Diana a Druid sacrifice? Smart thermostats take control? Was Bidens inflammatory rhetoric last night really Biden? The push to divide the country continues. Be careful with psychiatric drugs. Trump to pardon January 6 protestors? The destruction of the USA continues. More gun control in New York. Why masks were really used during Covid! Plus much more. High energy must listen show!
Published 09/02/22
Episode 1828 - Wow todays show is intense. Ted goes into 30 minute rant exposing : Who are the blood line families? Why are they intent on destroying nation states? Why do they feel Christian culture has to be destroyed? J Edgar Hoover quote. Who is Jesus? Why did He come in physical form? How much power do Christians have? This is an intense must listen green show! Why did Fauci announce retirement? What is a D-wave computer? Plus much more! Yes this is that show!
Published 09/01/22
Episode 1827 - Did crossdresser J Edgar Hoover pervert the FBI?Has feminism destroyed the schools, marriage and family? What was its origin? Who pushed the destruction of the nuclear family? Does sugar cause inflammation and arthritis? The importance of eating clean. By the way men and women are different. Transgender ideology is based in the occult. Plus much more! This is a thought provoking must listen show.
Published 08/31/22
Episode 1826 - More Covid fake research exposed. Ted does an intense 20 minute rant names names on the following: The Russian Hoax The 2020 election fraud Crossfire Hurricane Why won’t Christians engage? Zuckerberg says FBI told him to censor. Additional stories include: Ron Desantis says no to Davos. Flu shots to become MRNA. Plus much much more! This is a super intense politically incorrect true barrage today. This is a green show! It is a must listen! 
Published 08/30/22
Episode 1825 - Episode 1825 - Summary of Fridays celebration of life for Sharon. Ted personally asks Sheriff Grady Judd to become Attorney General if DeSantis wins the presidency. Is student loan forgiveness fair? Or should student loans be bankrupted?Updated Covid booster received no human testing. Teachers who can’t pass teaching exams and were discharged receive 1.8 billion. Plus much more! This is a show of gratitude and thanks to our listeners today.
Published 08/29/22