Accused of murdering her daughter and out on bail, Indrani Mukerjea is presently the subject of a docu-series. In this interview, she spoke about not seeking to change people's opinions of her and why the high-life wasn't all fun and games.
Published 03/04/24
Published 03/04/24
In light of Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath's public statement on suffering a stroke, Mumbai-based neurologists - Dr Shirish Hastak and Dr Pawan Ojha - talk about causes, first aid tips and why public figures talking about the condition is a good thing.
Published 03/01/24
Recently, a two-year-old was killed in Delhi by a pack of stray dogs, raising questions about how cities should deal with the issue. Dr Gowri Yale, a veterinarian who works on the issue, spoke with TOI's Alka Dhupkar about how we can deal with stray dogs without resorting to extreme measures.
Published 02/28/24
TOI's Rudroneel Ghosh speaks with Lithuania's foreign minister Gabrielius Landsbergis and Dr. Rajorshi Roy at the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses to decode where the Russia-Ukraine war is headed and its continuing impacts.
Published 02/26/24
Sreehari Aney, former advocate general of Maharashtra, talks to TOI's Bhavika Jain about the legal challenges the bill to grant a 10% quota for Marathas seems set to face.
Published 02/23/24
India's announcement to fence the border with Myanmar hasn't been met with support from three states. Journalist and author Rajeev Bhattacharya - who has travelled into Myanmar through the open border - explains the situation on the ground and why there's limited support for the decision
Published 02/21/24
Political scientist and author Suhas Palshikar explains the importance of ideology for political parties and why parties ignoring it isn't a good sign for Indian politics.
Published 02/19/24
Sexologist and author Dr Rajan Bhonsle talks about the dangers of 'supplements' that promise to solve sexual problems and the dangers of self-medicating to solve problems.
Published 02/16/24
As a state doubles down on its decision to teach school children parts of the Gita, author and mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik talks about why the holy text may not be for children. He talks about its complexities and also why he believes it shouldn't be viewed outside the context of the Mahabharata.
Published 02/14/24
After Pakistan's national elections throw up a result that defies all pre-poll predictions, academic and author Ayesha Siddiqa explains what this means for Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan, the Pakistan Army and ties with India.
Published 02/12/24
Mihira Sood, Executive Director of the Centre for Child Rights & Juvenile Justice at the National Law University in Delhi, first decodes how much Uttarakhand's uniform civil code changes things. She also explains why the state's proposal on handling live-in relationships is very problematic. (15:50)
Published 02/09/24
TOI+ columnist and journalist Radhika Ramaseshan talks about Bharat Ratna awardee LK Advani's contribution to the Ram temple cause and his own political fall. Then she decodes the BJP's campaign strategy ahead of the 2024 polls.
Published 02/07/24
TOI Plus's Lata Mishra speaks with doctors and patients about hypersensitivity pneumonitis, why a bird's being blamed for its rise and how to prevent it.
Published 02/05/24
Sanjay Kumar, co-director of Lokniti, talks to Alka Dhupkar about why he wrote off the 2024 national election after Nitish Kumar's departure, what explains the Bihar chief minister's political survival and what the INDIA alliance needs to do quickly.
Published 02/02/24
Sociologist Dr Suryakant Waghmore talks to TOI Plus's Bhavika Jain about how the Maratha demand for a quota changed over decades, what it means for politics in the state and what its latest success means for the community.
Published 01/31/24
A recent report said AI-driven misinformation is the second biggest risk to the world in 2024 and India is at the highest risk. Karen Rebelo, deputy editor at fact-checking organisation Boom Live, decodes how misinformation has evolved over the years in India and why artificial intelligence tools will make it so much harder to detect misinformation.
Published 01/29/24
Former police officer Julio Ribeiro, former editor Rahul Singh and prominent gynaecologist Dr Rustom Soonawala reflect on India's successes over seven decades and where it could have done better.
Published 01/26/24
As the origin story of the dish is contested, food historian and columnist Anoothi Vishal decodes how butter chicken became so popular (not just because of the taste) and the dishes it eclipsed on the way to becoming a global superstar.
Published 01/24/24
Retired ambassador and West Asia geopolitics expert, Talmiz Ahmad talks to Jairaj Singh about the Iran-Pakistan missile strikes, what could spread the conflict in West Asia and what tensions in the region mean for India.
Published 01/22/24
Former Maharashtra CM and senior Congress leader Prithviraj Chavan talks to TOI Plus's Alka Dhupkar about Milind Deora's departure and firming alliances. Then, CPR's Neelanjan Sircar explains what impact Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra can have, and what it means for the INDIA alliance.
Published 01/19/24
Sunil Baghel and Bhavika Jain from TOI+ speak with constitutional experts - PDT Achary and former Maharashtra Advocate General Sreehari Aney - to decode what the Maharashtra speaker's verdict in the Shiv Sena split says about India's anti-defection law.
Published 01/17/24
Political scientist and co-director of Lokniti, Suhas Palshikar examines the 'one nation, one election' plan and breaks down why it raises more concerns than solving problems.
Published 01/15/24
One of India's longest-standing insurgent groups ULFA recently signed a memorandum of settlement with the Indian government. Journalist and author of 'ULFA: The Mirage of Dawn', Rajeev Bhattacharyya talks to TOI's Jayanta Kalita about what the latest peace agreement means, and how ULFA rose and then lost influence in Assam
Published 01/12/24
Former central information commissioner, Shailesh Gandhi talks about what the transfer of an official for revealing information about government selfie points says about the health of the Right to Information Act and why it's a law that must be preserved in the interest of transparency.
Published 01/10/24