Poet-novelist Jeet Thayil on editing 'The Penguin Book of Indian Poets' together and why poetry finds a resurgence in dark times
Published 03/31/23
Taj SATS executive chief Arun Batra talks to TOI's Saurabh Sinha about the science and economics behind meals on flights and what he'll never serve a flyer
Published 03/29/23
Published 03/29/23
MPs Supriya Sule and Dr S Senthilkumar explain their attempts to legalise same-sex marriages through Parliament and Mumbai-based Dr Prasad Raj Dandekar talks about the importance of legalising same-sex marriages
Published 03/27/23
Imtiaz Gul, the Executive Director of Center for Research and Security Studies, talks to TOI Plus's Harinder Baweja about the attempts to arrest Imran Khan and what the cases mean for Pakistan's politics and future
Published 03/24/23
With Reliance relaunching the Campa Cola brand, Vikram Doctor decodes why the Indian alternative to Coca Cola failed and the enduring appeal of colas.
Published 03/22/23
Dr DH Ashwath Narayana from KIMS in Bengaluru explains how to do better in our battle against rabies and Dr Gowri Yale explains a more compassionate way to deal with stray dogs in India
Published 03/20/23
Rachna Dhingra, who has been working with victims of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, talks about the impact of the latest Supreme Court verdict and why the victims deserve more compensation than they got.
Published 03/17/23
AS Dulat was R&AW chief and a former advisor to the Prime Minister's office on Kashmir. He talks to Harinder Baweja about his good friend Ajit Doval and what can be done to earn Kashmir's trust after abrogating Article 370.
Published 03/15/23
TOI Plus's Lata Mishra speaks with doctors and patients about hypersensitivity pneumonitis, a bird that's being blamed for its rise in Mumbai and how to prevent it.
Published 03/13/23
Mythologist and author Devdutt Pattanaik talks about how Indian culture has been viewed abroad over the decades and we also look at what the new anti-caste discrimination ordinance in Seattle changes about that.
Published 03/10/23
TOI Plus's Shakir Mir talks about what it's like to live with internet disruptions and Access Now's Raman Jit Singh Chima explains the problem with India topping the charts when it comes to internet shutdowns.
Published 03/08/23
Our summers are set to get longer and more intense. Dr Rajashree Kotharkar, who has long researched how heat affects cities, explains what we need to do to get by apart from turning up the AC.
Published 03/06/23
Mumbai-based Dr Nikhil Datar may be India's first person to write an official living will. He explains why he rushed to file his living will and why he's hoping more people will do the same.
Published 03/03/23
TOI's Abhishek Dey and political columnist Radhika Ramaseshan explain the long-term implications of Manish Sisodia's arrest on the Aam Aadmi Party and opposition unity.
Published 03/01/23
Co-founder and CEO of TaxSpanner.com Sudhir Kaushik explains how to choose between the new and old tax regime and answers the biggest questions on how to ensure you don't lose any more than you need to.
Published 02/27/23
The death of an IIT student highlights widespread caste discrimination on campuses. Author and professor Dr N Sukumar explains why it's still so prevalent and what needs to be done to tackle it.
Published 02/24/23
Nitesh Pal, a resident of Kyiv, spoke with us in 2022. He joins us again to talk about life in Ukraine one year after the Russian invasion began and how it has changed.
Published 02/22/23
Sommelier and author Magandeep Singh explains the history of scotch whiskey in India, why we're the biggest importers of the alcohol in the world and the problem with India's whiskey market.
Published 02/20/23
Professor Suman Chakraborty, recipient of the 2022 Infosys Prize, explains how their revolutionary low-cost blood test technology could also work with just a drop of blood.
Published 02/17/23
Author and mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik explains how Indian myths celebrated love and desire long before Valentine's Day, and love stories in our myths (including queer ones).
Published 02/15/23
Prominent child psychiatrist Dr. Shekhar Seshadri explains the big concerns about children and device use, how to tell if a child is addicted and the help they need.
Published 02/13/23
After Budget 2023 gave incentives to move to the new income tax regime, author and personal finance advisor M Pattabiraman explains why he supports the new tax regime and how to make it work for you.
Published 02/10/23
Analyst, columnist and author Ayesha Siddiqa explains the challenges facing Pakistan in its war on terrorism and why the attack in Peshawar could be a worrying sign of things to come.
Published 02/08/23
Columnist Yousuf Nazar explains why the Pakistan economy is in trouble and the challenges in making things right again.
Published 02/06/23