In a post-apocalyptic world, a young woman faces her fears of the outside world in order to save her sister. Written by Mary McDonnell. Performed by Marisa Brau, Jessica Morgan, James Dwyer, Gregory C. Jones, and Rachel Botchan. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Published 07/23/20
When two actors on different coasts show up to a mysterious voiceover audition, a sadistic director keeps making things weirder. Written by Laura Grey. Performed by Liz Leimkuhler, Casey Jost, Chris Kipiniak and Bill Rohlfing. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Published 07/09/20
A virtual reality company can send you anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home. So when a celebrity uses it for escape and ends up finding love, he goes to great lengths to hang onto his new life. Written by Bob Raymonda. Performed by Chris Cafero, Tessa Hersh, Richie Moriarty, Mark Gessner, Nikki Thomas, Asher Herbstman, Amy Warren, Mary McDonnell, Davy Gardner, and Bob Raymonda. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Published 06/25/20
A woman gets trapped in an inter-dimensional game show. To leave, she must win the game by figuring out: what is wrong with her? Written by Mary McDonnell. Performed by Julia Kelly, Jeremy Bent, Bridgette Rizkalla, Billy Bob Thompson, Amy Warren, Richie Moriarty, Margaret Burrus, Bob Raymonda, Cara Ehlenfeldt, Mary McDonnell, and Jaime Lamchick. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Published 06/11/20
When an artificial intelligence grad student becomes a finalist for a big robotics award and doesn’t believe she deserves the nomination, her empathic AI robot starts calling her a fraud, and she must figure out how to overcome its nasty, counterproductive feedback. Written by Kristy Lopez-Bernal. Performed by Erica Hernandez, Yoni Lotan, Erin Harland, Amy Warren, Josh Perilo, Ed Herbstman, Bob Raymonda, Margaret Burrus, Katie Hartman, and Nathan Min. Content warning: This episode contains...
Published 05/21/20
The Truth was live at On Air Fest in March 2020, with a performance of “The Hilly Earth Society” followed by a Q&A with writer Louis Kornfeld, actor Michael Cullen, and producer Jonathan Mitchell. Written by Louis Kornfeld. Performed live by Michael Cullen. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Published 05/07/20
A new app allows you to earn real money just by participating in social events. But what the events are—and who shows up—makes it difficult to know what’s real, and what’s just another gig in the gig economy. Written by Sarah Shachat. Performed by Louis Kornfeld, Rick Andrews, Leila Ben-Abdallah, Woody Fu, Mary McDonnell, Zach Valenti, T.J. Mannix, and Promises improv troupe. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Published 04/09/20
Published 04/09/20
A woman paid to ruin weddings decides instead to help a groom salvage his… and finds love along the way. Written by Mary McDonnell. Performed by Bianca Casusol, David Ebert, Thomas Whittington, Lila Newman, Juan Nicolón, Erin Bartley, Alli Brown, Mary McDonnell, Blanche Ames, Davy Gardner, Johnna Scrabis, Brandon Zelman, Elijah Crocker, Daniel Lempert, Jake Cornell, Casey McCormick, Amir Khan, Allison Kilkenny, Danielle Grace, and Promises improv troupe. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Published 03/26/20
When Kyra gets Beth an “enhanced emotional support” dog to help her get over her recent funk, the gift goes over a little too well. Written by Timothy Michael Cooper Performed by Tanyika Carey, Ellen Winter, and Fred Newman. CONTENT WARNING: This episode includes strong language and adult situations. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Published 03/12/20
A son tries to make contact with his dad deteriorating in the throes of dementia. He makes new connections and discoveries, and as he says goodbye to his father, he is granted a long-awaited wish. Written and performed by David Deblinger. With Maggie Burke, Tomoko Miyagi, Neil Tyrone Pritchard, Louis Kornfeld, and David Aaron Baker. Music by Fred Johnson. This episode is based on a stage production originally created at Labyrinth Theater Company, directed and developed by Ben...
Published 02/27/20
After three friends make a mysterious yet simple choice, they must make sense of the inconceivable results. Written by Davy Gardner Performed by Erin Harland, Dennis Pacheco, Chris Cafero, Louis Kornfeld, and Nikki Thomas. CONTENT WARNING: This episode includes strong language. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Published 02/13/20
Eddie Doyle is being targeted by bots that are getting smarter all the time. Written by Louis Kornfeld Performed by Tom Ligon, Amy Warren, Louis Kornfeld, Tanyika Carey, Rebecca Robles, Rich Armstead, Jon Cook, Dmitry Shein, Timothy Cooper, Davy Gardner, Jamie Rivera, Sarah Shachat, and Nikki Thomas. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Published 01/30/20
It’s difficult to convey who you are in a two-dimensional dating profile. So a brand new dating service brings you into the third dimension, allowing you to create a museum all about yourself. Written by Davy Gardner Performed by Ann Carr and Nicholas Richardson. With Johnna Scrabis, and Adelaide Kipiniak. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Published 01/16/20
Atlantic Flight 702 has disappeared mid-flight between London and New York. Kaitlin Le, a college student whose twin brother vanished with the flight, has tasked herself with uncovering what really happened to the plane’s 256 passengers. For this special episode, we present the first episode of Passenger List, a mystery thriller from PRX’s Radiotopia. Listen to the full series at https://passengerlist.org The Truth Instagram Twitter
Published 12/27/19
If you want to get from point A to point B, teleportation sounds like a good idea. But if you ever get the opportunity, just take a cab. Learn what happened to teleportation’s First Man. Written by Louis Kornfeld Performed by Peter McNerney, Hannah Chase, Nick Kanellis, Mary McDonnell, Leonard Lyzner, Dennis Pacheco, Chris Kipiniak, Davy Gardner, Adelaide Kipiniak, and Evan Barden. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Published 12/12/19
Get to know our associate producer Cara Ehlenfeldt, and hear outtakes from the past year of The Truth. Make your mark. Go to radiotopia.fm to donate today.
Published 12/02/19
Eve, Jay, and Michael used to be close friends until life moved them in different directions. They are brought together by the death of an old friend Lilia, who reaches out from beyond the grave to meddle in their relationship. Written by Tim Platt Performed by Rebecca Robles, Elana Fishbein, Margaret Burrus, Tim Platt, Susan Jacks, and Peter Mills-Weiss The Truth Instagram Twitter
Published 11/22/19
Rory, an influencer with over 2 million followers, discovers she has the incredible ability to rewrite history through social media. But what does having 2 million followers really mean if you have nothing to say? Written by Sam Reece Performed by Erica Hernandez, Ariel Gitlin, Chris Cafero, Jeremy Bent, Thomas Whittington, and Davy Gardner This episode contains strong language. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Published 11/07/19
Down in the dusty crypt of The Truth, we uncover the remains of two haunting stories. In the first, a mother's most precious possession is discovered. In the second, a blood ritual conjures up angels... “Don’t Touch a Thing” was written by Louis Kornfeld, and performed by Amy Warren, Armando Diaz, Jackie Hoffman, Louis Kornfeld, and Noel Dineen “Silvia’s Blood” was adapted and produced by Jonathan Mitchell, based on the short story “Upon the Dull Earth” by Philip K. Dick. It was performed...
Published 10/24/19
The mysterious founder and CEO of a tech company is about to tell the world the secret of his latest product… and his past. Written by Luke Burns Performed by Richie Moriarty, Josh Perilo, Jon Cook, Daniel Hubbard, Frankie Johnson, Louis Kornfeld, Mary McDonnell, Jesse VandenBergh, Anthony Franqui, Dennis Pacheco, Mac Rogers, Amy Warren, Thomas Whittington, Elana Fishbein, Chris Thompson, and Bodywork Improv Ensemble This episode contains strong language and violence. The...
Published 10/10/19
Tony's always had a hard time reading the room. But then a mysterious man tells him about a podcast that plays back everything people say about you when you're not there. Written by Mac Rogers Performed by Doug Moe, Dennis Pacheco, Louis Kornfeld, Alana Bowers, Marisa Brau, Amy Warren, Ed Herbstman, Blanche Ames, Becca Schall, Elana Fishbein, and Emily Marinoff The Truth Instagram Twitter
Published 09/26/19
After helping a woman on a subway platform, a busker discovers that her ukulele has a strange power. Written by Rachel Wenitsky Performed by Rachel Wenitsky, Tallie Medel, Jeremy Bent, Bianca Casusol, Michael Delisle, Naomi Lorrain, Kyle Gordon, Jimmy O’Connell, Woody Fu, Kerry Kastin, Louis Kornfeld, Brian Morabito, Tim Platt, Andrew Roberts, Mac Rogers, Cara Ehlenfeldt, and Emily Marinoff. This episode includes explicit language and deals with sexual harassment. The...
Published 09/12/19
A new season of The Truth begins Sept 12th. We can’t wait for you to hear what we’ve been working on!
Published 08/22/19
A woman walks, baby strapped to her chest, through the streets of Fitzroy and Carlton. As she walks, she notices the way the skyline edges upward, nudged by the cranes of developers. And she notices the history of this place, ever-present, despite those cranes. For this special episode, we present the first two episodes of The Fitzroy Diaries, and eight-episode series produced by the Australian Broadcast Corporation. Fitzroy Diaries was created and written by Lorin Clarke, edited by Sophie...
Published 08/08/19