579: "Nebraska" (TWD S2E8 Rewatch)
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Back to the rewatch! This is the first ep with Glen Mazzara as showrunner, and I remember being worried whether the show would still be good after Darabont left, and then being relieved that it was great. But do we still feel that way….?  Announcement: Karen, David, and I (Jason) are excited to be headed to Scotland this summer to hang out with Lucy and Peter, and we’d love to meet any of you guys who are in the area or can get there. We’ll be hanging out at an as-yet-to-be-determined pub in Glasgow on Wednesday July 17. Join us! More details to come soon. Announcement #2: Have you seen Fallout on Amazon? It’s pretty great. It’s a post-apocalyptic comedy sci-fi western with a ton of style, and Ben, Jason, and Doug put out a marathon three-hour podcast covering season one. You can find that on House Podcastica here: https://podcastica.com/podcast/house-podcastica/episode/fallout-season-one Next up: TWD S2E9 “Triggerfinger”! Let us know your thoughts. You can email or send a voice message to [email protected]. Or check out our Facebook group, where we put up comment posts for each episode, at facebook.com/groups/podcastica. Show support and get ad-free episodes and a bunch of other cool stuff: patreon.com/jasoncabassi  Or go to buymeacoffee.com/cabassi for a one-time donation.
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And we come to the end of season 2…. and Hershel’s farm… and Rick’s sanity? And of course this is such a special episode, in part because it’s a fantastic season finale, but most of all for me (Jason) because I got to be a zed in it! And Lucy and I are SO pleased to be joined by Gracie Lou of...
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Whatever your thoughts are about Shane, we think he went out in an amazing episode of the show. Dramatic and moody and impactful. We’re stoked to be joined by my friend Aaron Peterson of The Hollywood Outsider to talk it out. Check out Aaron’s podcasts like The Hollywood Outsider, Inspired By A...
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