4-23: "Demons"
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An episode in which Josh and Dean were hoping for literal demons not the cute metaphorical ones. Additionally, the lads discuss Gen-X Mulder's self-torturing ways and how outrageous it would be to not be jumping for joy to get out of jail. Mulder should consider utilizing a lawyer, and listening to what Scully is saying instead of doing his best impersonation as the Incredible Sulk. Not a terrible episode, but does it do enough to get dubbed a 'like' from Josh and Dean? Site Links Become a member! - https://libertystreetgeek.net/join (https://libertystreetgeek.net/join) Discord - https://libertystreetgeek.net/discord (https://libertystreetgeek.net/discord) Current Shows The Lost Drive-In - https://ldi.captivate.fm/listen (https://ldi.captivate.fm/listen) Kirking Off: A Warped Star Trek Shakedown - https://kirkingoff.captivate.fm/listen (https://kirkingoff.captivate.fm/listen) Mindkiller: A Dune Podcast: https://mindkiller.captivate.fm/listen (https://mindkiller.captivate.fm/listen) The X-Files Podcast: https://the-x-files-podcast.captivate.fm/listen (https://the-x-files-podcast.captivate.fm/listen) Archived Shows Game of Thrones Podcast - https://gameofthrones.captivate.fm/listen (https://gameofthrones.captivate.fm/listen) The Hawkins Report: A Stranger Things Podcast - https://stranger-things.captivate.fm/listen (https://stranger-things.captivate.fm/listen) Real Quick? A Film Podcast - https://real-quick.captivate.fm/listen (https://real-quick.captivate.fm/listen) Recommissioned: A Battlestar Galactica Podcast - https://bsg.captivate.fm/listen (https://bsg.captivate.fm/listen) Science Fiction Film Podcast (Final Year) - https://sffp.captivate.fm/listen (https://sffp.captivate.fm/listen) The Walking Dead Podcast - https://the-walking-dead-podcast.captivate.fm/listen (https://the-walking-dead-podcast.captivate.fm/listen) Without Limits: A Westworld Podcast - https://westworld.captivate.fm/listen (https://westworld.captivate.fm/listen)
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