Final Episode/"Gethsemane"/March Madness Monster Mash
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Good morning X-Files faithful! During the live recording I officially announced that “Gethsemane” would be LSG’s last X-Files recording. I did not come to this decision easily, and ultimately this decision rests with me. The most difficult part of this realization was knowing that I would no longer be talking to all of you about the X-Files. I wanted to thank all of you for being there with us during the live recordings, and for always commenting on our Facebook posts, and for always making our various contests fun and engaging. You are one of the best communities going. I wanted to thank Josh for his contribution to this show over the years. He’s been a fine co-host and producer. Make sure you show him some support and check out his podcast, Nastgram ( ( They are producing content weekly, and if you’ve ever been curious about things like DandD and other role-playing games, I’d highly recommend it. It’s well produced, and he’s assembled a great group around him. As for myself and LSG Media my hope is that you check out The Lost Drive-In and Kirking Off. Finally, if any of you want to start an X-Files podcast I would be more than happy to help you out with that process. I know some listeners have expressed interest in teaming up with each other to start something, and I fully encourage that. You can email me ([email protected]) for help, and use the post on our FB group ( ( to facilitate communication with other listeners who may be interested in forming a new show. To quote the great, late Douglas Adams, “So long, and thanks for all the fish." Kindest regards, Dean
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