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Conversations with an avid collector of human skulls, a caller who is injecting dark web testosterone, a guy who spoke to demons through a Family Guy episode, a person who feels they deserve their clogged toilet, and a League of Legends player who would rather continue playing than talk to me....
Published 06/12/24
We talk to two separate callers who were both given the same decision of whether to choose their girlfriend or video games. Then a final caller tells us how he regrets using his Make-A-Wish wish on colored pencils. It could all potentially be okay maybe. I am a gecko.
Published 06/09/24
A caller tries to decide if she should let her estranged father back into her life after learning he may have joined the Aryan Brotherhood while in jail for 10 years. Then a caller tries to avoid being guilt tripped by an ex-girlfriend and a retired soldier explains why he hasn’t left his house...
Published 06/05/24