A caller debates whether or not drinking less alcohol is worth it. Then a caller questions if they have a porn addiction, a return caller tells me what abruptly ended their situationship, and a final caller seeks advice on how to be less problematic. I sometimes wonder what scooby doo would taste like if you cooked and ate him. I am a gecko.
Published 05/19/24
Published 05/19/24
A caller reflects on his experience as a veteran living with schizophrenia. Then a caller prepares to confront his wife after learning about her affair, and a final caller talks about how hard it is to maintain a diet while working at a fast food restaurant. There is always a catch. I am a gecko.
Published 05/15/24
After turning his life around, a caller explains why he sometimes looks back fondly on his violent youth. Afterwards a musician debates whether or not to embrace a villainous persona and a final caller tries to move out of their mom’s place. It is a nice day out. I am a gecko.
Published 05/12/24
A new father wrestles with his lack of emotional connection towards his 18 month old baby. Afterwards a caller recounts an encounter he had at the Rainforest Cafe that he’s at least pretty sure was a date. I’ll put this on the fridge. I am a gecko.
Published 05/08/24
A caller debates whether or not to keep seeing a convicted felon she met on Tinder. Afterwards a stay-at-home mom attempts to start a career and I talk to caller on his morning walk. It is now your turn. I am a gecko.
Published 05/05/24
A caller raises a baby for 7 months before finding out he’s not the father. Then I talk to a final caller about living in the woods, an Osama Bin Ladin slot machine, and alcoholism. Not necessarily in that order. Shit. I spilled my juice. I am a gecko.
Published 05/01/24
A caller tells their story of getting two abortions as a teenager while being sued by her mother. One day I will reach the top shelf. I am a gecko.
Published 04/28/24
A guy with three children calls in to brainstorm ways to get his life together after an intense love affair severely disrupts his life. Then a caller talks about attending various competitive video game tournaments and a final caller tries to find someone to build Legos with. I like your haircut. I am a gecko.
Published 04/24/24
A woman shares the long string of alien encounters she’s experienced throughout her life, and worries what they mean for her daughter. Then a final caller and I reflect on how she might scheme her way out of a day job. It’s a whole thing. I am a gecko.
Published 04/21/24
A caller who lost his virginity to his cousin seeks to shed his shame. Afterwards a guy in his 50s shares his journey of getting his mental health in order and a final caller fills me in on an 8th grade crush that’s caused turbulence in his adulthood. Time for my shift as an animal at the Rainforest Cafe. I am a gecko.
Published 04/17/24
A caller from an undisclosed location in Asia creates a movement for freedom via haunted houses. Afterwards a caller lacks motivation regarding his responsibilities and a final caller figures out how much a goat costs. Peel that glue off your hands. I am a gecko.
Published 04/14/24
A caller explains how smoking meth helped them realize they enjoy wearing women’s clothing. Afterwards a prison guard talks about the bizarre things they’ve dealt with on the job and a final caller talks about what it’s like to have a second butthole. I think I left the oven on. I am a gecko.
Published 04/10/24
A caller marries a stranger she meets on a girls trip to Belize, which snowballs into one of the most intense experiences of her life. Then a final caller reflects on meeting and breaking up with an online boyfriend after one of my live shows. Google says there are 24 species of hamster. I am a gecko.
Published 04/07/24
Content warning: episode features some disturbing stuff not for the faint of heart. A caller tries to move on with her life after her best friend is murdered, and I talk with a dude for a half hour about my food addiction and getting high at the airport. The sky is whatever color you want it to be. I am a gecko.
Published 04/03/24
A caller fresh out of a toxic relationship attempts to rebuild his life from his parent’s basement. Then a caller questions what they want out of a long distance relationship and a final caller unleashes her inner Gollum. The winning lottery number is 6. I am a gecko.
Published 03/31/24
A stressed caller attempts to dispose of 300 illegal African land snails. Afterwards a car enthusiast tries to make sense of his adrenaline chasing nature, and we end the show with an interview I did in the park with a guy on a bike who works in the TV biz. Watch the full park video here. Beware of the garbage disposal. I am a gecko.
Published 03/27/24
A caller questions their tarnished relationships, a caller puts his dick in food, and a final caller talks about their concerns regarding some potentially dangerous intrusive thoughts. Ahdhdisowhrbfoev. I am a gecko.
Published 03/24/24
A caller relives the time their ex tried to brainwash them during an ayahuasca retreat and divulges the longterm consequences it’s had on their life. Then a final caller questions if their high standards are healthy or if they’re the foundation of their loneliness. DM me on Instagram (@Lyle4ever) a drawing you did. I am a gecko.
Published 03/20/24
A caller reclaims his life after finding out he is not going to be a dad. Then a caller goes on 2 separate quests: one in Pepsi and one in pro wrestling. Then a final caller shares how difficult it is to be social after a heavy break up. Wasps are back. Be careful. I am a gecko.
Published 03/17/24
A caller talks about a person they dislike who also happens to be the former mistress of well known pizza tycoon. Later a caller resonates with crabs, a caller tries to reach a compromise regarding his partner’s OnlyFans, and a final caller tells me about their controversial money making scheme. Don’t rush. I am a gecko.
Published 03/13/24
A caller tells me about their time being employed as an elf at a Santa’s Village where drugs, alcohol, and drama were in abundance. Then a caller invites his real therapist to come to my live show with him and talks about his journey through life and fatherhood. How did you do that? I am a gecko.
Published 03/10/24
A caller open ups about never paying taxes, having 3 families due to the foster care system, and dating a cop. Afterwards a caller describes how masturbating has strained their family ties, a twitch streamer tries to find happiness, and a final caller tries to rebrand themselves after ending a toxic relationship. My tail is stuck in the door. I am a gecko.
Published 03/06/24
A caller reflects on blowing his hand off with a firework 2 weeks ago and how it’s changed his life, then a final caller talks about how training to be a tattoo artist has killed their dreams. I hope the waiter will take our order someday. I am a gecko.
Published 03/03/24