A stressed caller attempts to dispose of 300 illegal African land snails. Afterwards a car enthusiast tries to make sense of his adrenaline chasing nature, and we end the show with an interview I did in the park with a guy on a bike who works in the TV biz. Watch the full park video here. Beware of the garbage disposal. I am a gecko.
Published 03/27/24
A caller questions their tarnished relationships, a caller puts his dick in food, and a final caller talks about their concerns regarding some potentially dangerous intrusive thoughts. Ahdhdisowhrbfoev. I am a gecko.
Published 03/24/24
A caller relives the time their ex tried to brainwash them during an ayahuasca retreat and divulges the longterm consequences it’s had on their life. Then a final caller questions if their high standards are healthy or if they’re the foundation of their loneliness. DM me on Instagram (@Lyle4ever) a drawing you did. I am a gecko.
Published 03/20/24
A caller reclaims his life after finding out he is not going to be a dad. Then a caller goes on 2 separate quests: one in Pepsi and one in pro wrestling. Then a final caller shares how difficult it is to be social after a heavy break up. Wasps are back. Be careful. I am a gecko.
Published 03/17/24
A caller talks about a person they dislike who also happens to be the former mistress of well known pizza tycoon. Later a caller resonates with crabs, a caller tries to reach a compromise regarding his partner’s OnlyFans, and a final caller tells me about their controversial money making scheme. Don’t rush. I am a gecko.
Published 03/13/24
A caller tells me about their time being employed as an elf at a Santa’s Village where drugs, alcohol, and drama were in abundance. Then a caller invites his real therapist to come to my live show with him and talks about his journey through life and fatherhood. How did you do that? I am a gecko.
Published 03/10/24
A caller open ups about never paying taxes, having 3 families due to the foster care system, and dating a cop. Afterwards a caller describes how masturbating has strained their family ties, a twitch streamer tries to find happiness, and a final caller tries to rebrand themselves after ending a toxic relationship. My tail is stuck in the door. I am a gecko.
Published 03/06/24
A caller reflects on blowing his hand off with a firework 2 weeks ago and how it’s changed his life, then a final caller talks about how training to be a tattoo artist has killed their dreams. I hope the waiter will take our order someday. I am a gecko.
Published 03/03/24
A caller opens up about his experience coping with a damaging break up by engaging in transactional relationships. Later a caller finds themselves in several thousand dollars of credit card debit and a final caller explores the concept of human euthanasia. Turn around. I am a gecko.
Published 02/28/24
A caller tries to find the best way to move forward after a charged romantic flop, and a final caller takes steroids just for fun? Can I claim crickets on my taxes? I am gecko.
Published 02/25/24
A caller confesses his desire to become a dog, and we debate if dog life or human life is better. Later an esoteric man ponders the “infinite checkerboard” of his memories, a healthcare employee transports body parts in a Prius, and a final caller tries to use a Twitch streamer to get back at an ex. Do some dilly-dallying today. I am a gecko.
Published 02/21/24
I am joined by Doja Cat to talk to people on the phone as geckos. Topics include emotional unavailability, conquering death, attracting dominant women, anal infections, astrology, rhino sex, peeing in the shower, and more. Doja Cat is a Grammy winning rapper and musician and one of the biggest commercial recording artists of the 2020s. In 2023 she was listed as one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world. I am a gecko.
Published 02/18/24
An undocumented immigrant with a pending court date calls in seeking advice regarding a drug charge that could result in deportation. Later a woman from Germany speaks on having facial hair induced by a medical condition, and a final caller meditates on whether or not he’s a sex addict. Roll a 9 or higher to have a good day. I am a gecko.
Published 02/14/24
After a series of stressful events, a caller wrestles with whether or not to stay together with his ex-wife for their kid. Then a caller finds and searches through an old cell phone he found in a van he bought, a caller reflects on pissing in their partner’s bed, and a final caller tries to break their people pleasing habits. Time to look out the window. I am a gecko.
Published 02/11/24
A caller shares their experience of being kidnapped by a weird math tutor they met in high school. Other callers include a man working through his destructive tendencies, a pregnant woman being labeled as a “baby trapper,” and philosophy student who challenges the existence of this show Do you know any good jokes? I am a gecko.
Published 02/07/24
A caller reveals how a recurring drug fueled hallucination involving a dragon-like creature inspired him to turn his life around. Later a caller can’t stop jerking off, a caller discusses a resentful boyfriend, and we hear an update about a previous caller via his girlfriend.
 Color within the lines. I am a gecko.
Published 02/04/24
A Papa John’s team member escapes from work to talk about how his dad influenced him to cheat on his romantic partners. Then we hear from a pair of friends going through a difficult time, a guilt ridden duck murderer, and a final caller going through a problematic marriage. Take dirt from outside and put it inside. I am a gecko.
Published 01/31/24
A caller reflects on her difficulties socializing after spending $40K to make friends with very little success. Then a caller tries to decide between 2 women. One of them works at FedEx and the other is very rich. He could live life forever as a trophy husband. Who will he choose????? The Mona Lisa is only ok. I am a gecko.
Published 01/28/24
https://therapygeckotour.com/ 3/3 PHOENIX AZ 3/5 LOUISVILLE KY 3/6 ST. LOUIS MO 3/13 ORLANDO FL 3/14 TAMPA FL 3/15 BOSTON MA 3/27 DENVER CO 4/2 SYRACUSE NY 4/3 ALBANY NY 4/4 HARTFORD CT 4/24 LAS VEGAS NV 4/25 SALT LAKE CITY UT 5/9 MIAMI FL 5/28 NASHVILLE TN 5/29 HUNTSVILLE AL 5/30 CHICAGO IL 5/31 MILWAUKEE WI 6/1 DETROIT MI 6/5 SAN JOSE CA 6/6 SAN FRANCISCO CA 6/7 PORTLAND OR if you don't see your city on here please go to the link anyway and RSVP with your phone number...
Published 01/26/24
A caller tells how his love for ketamine led him to an orgy in the drive-thru of a Whataburger. Then a caller working at a local arcade tells their experience of growing up as the only black man in their town, and a final caller takes a break from cutting off cat cocks to talk to me about her career as an opera singer. The light inside the fridge is fascinating. I am a gecko.
Published 01/24/24
A caller kills time waiting for food by telling me about their multiple jobs in baking, tech support, and phone sex. Then a caller reflects on how a dense relationship with his brother ignited a big move, a former law intern explains a bizarre murder case they worked on, and a final caller keys me in on a deep-rooted secret they’re keeping from their father. Fire is unsafe, but a lot of fun. I am a gecko.
Published 01/21/24
A deploying soldier discuses whether or not to let his brothers-in-arms know that he is an avid My Little Pony fan. Later a Swedish man explains his hesitation toward commitment, and a final caller tries to have a conversation about growing weed while I battle a roach in my hotel. I did kill the roach. I am a gecko.
Published 01/14/24
A caller reflects on his time spent as a gigolo (male sex worker) that primarily offers his services to wives of men with cucking fetishes. Then a caller enthralls me with a bizarre break-up story that ends with broken bones and I get a follow up from a caller I spoke with in real life at one of my shows. Please remember to get your permission slip signed. I am a gecko.
Published 01/10/24
A caller describes how the fickle relationship she has with her “whore mother” who tried to sleep with her fiancé has prepared her in becoming a mother herself. Later I talk to a caller who’s having trouble moving on with his life after a failed Dairy Queen robbery he committed 10 years ago leaves a felony on his record. Afterwards I talk with a person having a plastic surgery they can’t afford and a guy who claims my live show prolonged his collapsing relationship. Time to look out the...
Published 01/07/24