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A woman shares the long string of alien encounters she’s experienced throughout her life, and worries what they mean for her daughter. Then a final caller and I reflect on how she might scheme her way out of a day job. It’s a whole thing. I am a gecko.
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A caller in the midst of a break up debates whether or not to burn his ex’s family photos. Then a driving instructor talks about road rage and whether or not kids should drive high, and a final caller confronts her underwhelming feelings after finally losing her virginity at 24. Try to do at...
Published 05/26/24
Published 05/26/24
A caller tells me how he overcame his obsession with spending money on cam girls. Then I help him set up a Roth IRA. Afterwards a caller reveals why they feel so paralyzed in their relationship of 8 years. It sounds nice to be a bird. I am a gecko.
Published 05/22/24