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A caller reclaims his life after finding out he is not going to be a dad. Then a caller goes on 2 separate quests: one in Pepsi and one in pro wrestling. Then a final caller shares how difficult it is to be social after a heavy break up. Wasps are back. Be careful. I am a gecko.
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A caller is kind of stalked by a former flame who accuses him of being a serial killer. But it is chill. Afterwards an Uber driver explains why they rejected a viral art career and a final caller attempts to navigate office small talk. I hope you can make it to the cook out. I am a gecko.
Published 06/16/24
Conversations with an avid collector of human skulls, a caller who is injecting dark web testosterone, a guy who spoke to demons through a Family Guy episode, a person who feels they deserve their clogged toilet, and a League of Legends player who would rather continue playing than talk to me....
Published 06/12/24
Published 06/12/24