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Chris Scott is a WSET L3 certified educator and this podcast is designed to help you pass the WSET Level 3 Wine Exam.
Published 03/03/20
Victoria Burt MW was responsible for the current syllabus and we discuss with her how students should approach the course.
Published 03/02/20
ThirtyFiftys audio guide to the WSET Level 3 Tasting.
Published 03/01/20
This show is all about what the key flavours where they come from and what they mean. An important building block to smelling and tasting better.
Published 02/28/20
Struggling to identify the flavours in wines, this show is all about how to imrpove you sense of smell.
Published 02/27/20
Chris gives top tips on how to pass the WSET L3 tasting exam.
Published 02/26/20
This podcast takes a deep dive into the WSET L3 wine theory exam, how to prepare what to expect and tips to focus your study.
Published 02/25/20
Jamie Goode is an expert in the science of winemaking. His book Wine Science provides an indepth reference for wine producers across a range of issues. In this interview we explore common wine faults such as Brettanomyces and volatile acidity.
Published 02/24/19
ThirtyFifty has a number of products that are designed to help students pass there exams, including tasting Support and Exam Questions.
Published 02/22/19
Sioban Harnett is viticulturist at Cloudy Bay, the iconic New Zealand winery. We find out how the vines are trained and managed to suit the growing conditions of the Marlborough region.
Published 02/20/19
Grafting and Phylloxera go hand in hand we find out how phylloxera attacks the grape vine and the importance of grafting.
Published 02/15/19
We talk with leading Viti climatologist Alistair Nesbitt about the different types of frosts and the best way to manage them.
Published 02/13/19
We talk about Viticulture in the Margaux region - the climate, the weather and the soils - and find out how the vines at Chateau Angludet are managed and maintained.
Published 02/12/19
Benjamin Sichel of Chateau Angludet talks us through the red wine-making process from start to finish for his Bordeaux reds
Published 02/09/19