More Eel Guys Than You Know - Leo's GPTs, Alex Stamos on election disinformation, deepfakes, eels!
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Discussion of upcoming Black Friday sales on Google Pixel phones and tablets Concerns with the Pixel tablet including laggy performance, inability to use independently from dock, and high pricing Leo shares his epiphany on the usefulness of AI for expert systems and personalized agents Demonstration of Leo's custom AI assistants for Lisp and Emacs programming languages Talk of Elon Musk's reputation decline after acquiring Twitter Discussion of studies showing people perceive AI-generated faces as more human than real faces Overview of lawsuit allowing school districts to sue social media companies for youth addiction Interview with Alex Stamos, former Facebook CSO and current Stanford professor Alex's perspective on risks of deepfakes in elections vs for individual harassment Thoughts on moral panic around social media and youth mental health Alex recounts attending a closed-door Senate AI hearing led by Senator Schumer Discussion of social media companies loosening policies on election misinformation Concerns about TikTok as a news source and possible propaganda risks Talk of new book "A History of Fake Things on the Internet" by Walter Shirer Alex's suggestion for comprehensive federal privacy regulations Revelation during Google antitrust trial of Apple's cut of Google search revenue Hosts: Leo Laporte, Paris Martineau, and Jason Howell Guest: Alex Stamos Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at Sponsors: GO.ACILEARNING.COM/TWIT 23_TWiT%5Esponsors_cta
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