This Week: Linking Gut to Heart, PFAS, Locusts, Restoring Hearing, Hold the Ice, Food Impacts, One Antibody to Rule Them All, Spiders Sleep, Sterile Mice, Rewilding the West, Montana Bison, Animal Aging, Sleepy Brains, And Much More Science!
Published 08/11/22
This Week: Dead Pig Society, Oldest evidence of people in North America, Spider silk, Embryo Progress, CBD for anxiety, Biological Electricity, Shrimpy cement, Whale eyes, Bumblebees, Global Warming, Dolphin Memory, Neanderthal Brains, And Much More Science!
Published 08/05/22
This Week: Alternate Physics?, HIV, Necrobotics, RNA Zip Codes, Wildfires, Death By Lactose, Wildlife Photography, COVID Update, Monkeypox Emergency, Placenta, Nasa core mission on Mars, Victory Memo, Ant Networks, AI Analogies, And Much More Science!
Published 07/28/22
This Week: NASA Webb Results, Helpful Gonorrhea, Instruments and covid, Big Dino Era, Hot blooded ear wax, Sun & Satiety, Frozen rat livers, Vaccine's and menstruation patterns, Headbanging woodpeckers, Bean moms, Four-legged Fish, Red Deer Cave DNA, Volcanic Dark Matter, Emotional Memories, Imagination Language, And Much More
Published 07/21/22
This Week: JWST, Gamer brains, Bee Waggle Dances, The anti-science brain, Sarlacc, Ancient Europeans, Foxes, Lice, Dinosaurs, Webbs, And Much More
Published 07/14/22
This Week: Arms and Karaoke skills, Friends of a Feather, Water, Plants, Wet Wood, Buggy Bite Strength, Go Dig a Well, Ancient Hominins, Missing Microbiomes, And Much More
Published 06/30/22
This Week: Charon's Red Cap, Pee farming, Tea, Almost Meat, One-legged longevity, Eat Plants Locally, It's time to talk about face mites, Frogs, Bats, Ancient pre-Brexit England, Cancer killing plants, Breathy Identity, Touching Itch, And Much More!
Published 06/23/22
This Week: GAIA Data, Sample Return, Planetary systems, Wigs, Tired Plants, Human echolocation, Baby Brains, 1000 genes, Baby Whales, Seals, Baby Compass, Hot Heads, Sleepy Anger, And Much More!
Published 06/16/22
This Week: Cancer Remission, We're in the bad place, Noise pollution, Marsbucha, Rock on!!!, Zinc Poles, Ladies, always ask about your birth control, Ugly fish, Kelp, Otters, Conservatives die sooner, Welfare, Metabolites, Fungal Vision, Fungeyes, No Pole Swap?, And Much More!
Published 06/09/22
This Week: Techie Liver Transplant, Axolotl model, Polar Bear Poop, Electric Evolution, Eggstinction event, Big Plant, COVID Impacts, Aerosols & Exercise, Baboon bros before baboon ladies, Spider Dances, Ancient Underwater Cities, Ancient Overgrown Cities, Exercise Matters, Antibiotic Athletes, And Much More!
Published 06/02/22
This Week: AI Updates Theory, Living with dogs, Termite Travels, Gliding Salamanders, Aging Cells Go Placental, Jackdaw Coordination, Diabetic COVID Susceptibility, Not More Severe, Vaccination & Long COVID, Dolphins pee pals, Sea turtles need shades, Corvid Smarts, Comparing Sleeping Brains, And Much More
Published 05/27/22
This Week: Tabula Sapiens, Denisovan tooth, Tiny dentists, NeuroMechFly, Renewables Lifeline, Rocket Realism, Eat your vegetables, Conservation Wins!, Cockroaches, Spiders, Headbutting Muskoxen, Medical contact lens for glaucoma, Video Game Smarts, Stimulate The Circuits, And Much More!
Published 05/19/22
This Week: Atmospheric Rise, Viva La Virus, Concussions, One In 10, California, Fungal Fitness, Stress and fertility, Ominous Omicron, COVID Creativity, Good news, Dolphins with the Snake, Bee like Bats, Ancient indigenous Uruguay DNA, Healthy tattoos, Brain Fluid Boost, Brain Squirts, Brain Berries, And Much More!
Published 05/12/22
This Week: Black Hole Sound, Poo Pills, Abortion, Global warming will kill all the fish, Coral Coves, Sweet CO2, What's that? A tired bird?, Bats, Vegetarian kids, Bioreactor burgers, Eye Screen, Factory Resets, Reset Diseases, And Much More!
Published 05/05/22
This Week: Death, Regeneration, Fear, All Your Base, Snot Bugs, Yamanaka factor, Locating Lupus, Lockdowns, New mRNA Vaccines, Great T**s, Teeth, Fire Control, Microbe Survivalists, Brain Ocean, Altered Arousal, And Much More!
Published 04/28/22
This Week: Earth Day Climate, Sound Cancer Cures, Robot Rat, Accelerating Currents, Acoustical Charging, The Oreometer, COVID Update, Cuckoo Eggs, Rhino Value, Trilobite Camera, Spicy Fuel Cells, Lying Lyres Like Drama, Imagine Aphantasia, And Much More…
Published 04/21/22
This Week: Scientific Skepticism, Linking Brains, Biodiversity with Leeches, Less Lightning, Electricity From Archaea, Porpoise’s, Chimps, Rhesus Monkey Hearts, Missing Hub Humans, Space Balloons, Baby Brains, Plant Protection, And Much More…
Published 04/14/22
This Week: Honey Tech, Squid Games, Nighttime Solar Energy, Fungal Phenomena, Nighttime Solar, XE Identified, WHO Plan, Infection Inflammation, Bat Buddies, Darwin vs. bigotry, Fungal Phone, Asbestos, Brain Changes,  And Much More...
Published 04/07/22
This Week: How AI will kill everyone, Tissues, Caribou, Nasal sprays for covid, Vaccine vs Vaccine, Fruit Fly Sperm, Boa Constrictor Breathing, Rude AI, Two Legged Snakes, And Much More…
Published 03/31/22
This Week: RNA Replication, Space Health, Entangled Protons, Robot Control, Ruffs, Totipotent Cells, Climate Optimism, Replication, Mind Control, And Much More…
Published 03/24/22
This Week: Egg To Offspring, Female jockeys, Webb Alignment, Homeopathy, Cell Lineage, Good news; but just Blairly, COVID Rising, School Masking, Birds Smell, Fire Bad, Fire Good, The Winning Mindset, Mouse Perception, And Much More...
Published 03/17/22
This Week: Science Headlines, Hybrid Genes & Mammoth Things, Napping Sharks, Mice Aging Cured, Jay Learning, 10-Legged Octopus?, Animal Sounds, Storm-water Emissions, Shackleton's Ship!, Worm Decisions, Aging Brains, And Much More...
Published 03/14/22
This Week: Science & Policy, Mask Pollution, Personality Takes Guts?, Let's Eat Bugs, Cancer Cures, Tires Are Bad, Chimp Learning, Animal All-Nighters, Face Mask Followings, Epigenetic Brain MRI, Energetic Vision, Space Quickies, And Much More...
Published 03/04/22
This Week: It's A Gas, Tapir Frog, Synthetic Neurons, Why Tie Tubes?, The Birds, COVID Vs. HIV, Vaccine Networks, Lizard Tails, Self-aware Fish, Rat Time, Singing In The Brain, Brain Death, And Much More...
Published 02/26/22