Desantis Scores MAJOR Victory For Conservatives, FL BANS Critical Race Theory Sparking Woke Outrage. Democrats and woke media claim Ron Desantis is trying to ban the teaching of history but this is false. Critical race theory is a reactionary ideology that seeks to restore discrimination in the US under the guise of academic theory. Republicans have struggled to even address the issue but Desantis as usual is ahead of the curve. #democrats #CriticalRaceTheory #Republicans Learn more about...
Published 06/11/21
Biden Inflation Crisis Gets WORSE, Prices May Predict MAJOR Market Crash As Democrats KEEP Spending. Democrats are still pushing for massive spending packages in the trillions as consumer prices are skyrocketing. Republicans aren't doing much to oppose this or do anything to alleviate the pressure coming to the working class. Donald Trump slammed biden for shutting down Keystone XL and costing 48,000 jobs. #Inflation #Democrats #Biden Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...
Published 06/10/21
Democrats Push For Vaccine Segregation Is Splitting The Country In Half, GOP Bans Vaccine Passports. In NYC Madison Square Garden will require full vaccination to enter. Democrat Mayor De Blasio announced a massive concert in NYC to reopen the city but will segregate people who are unvaccinated. Meanwhile Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has just banned vaccine passports. This is creating a policy divide between physical locations in the US solidifying the polarization and tensions in...
Published 06/09/21
CNN, Amazon, Uk Gov Websites ALL DOWN, Panic Erupts As Internet Crashes, Congress Hit By Cyberattack Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 06/08/21
The US Is Now Prepping For WAR With China, Dispatches Air Force Across Pacific, Buys Special Weapons. While Republicans have long said China is a bigger threat than Russia Democrats have long been opposed to the idea. But now joe Biden is granting access to Russia to build a pipeline suggesting that China has become the bigger threat even in the minds of Democrats. #China #War #Democrats Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 06/07/21
China Threatens US With NUCLEAR WAR Over COVID Investigation As Pentagon Arms For War With China. The Pentagon has been buying less armaments designed for middle eastern conflict and has been buying weapons designed for pacific combat. The movement of resources as well as a shift from Democrats and joe Biden suggest that war with China may be coming. As we enter the fourth turning and come fact to face with Thucydides trap it begins to seem more and more likely that Trump was right about...
Published 06/04/21
Biden Admin Seeks To FIRE FAUCI Amid Email Scandal Says New Report, Republicans DEMAND He Be Fired. While Democrats have long defended Anthony Fauci to absurdity, the GOP has been pushing for his firing. Now due to the escalating FauciLeaks Scandal it seems even Democrats like joe Biden and his administration are worried about the repercussion and may be seeking to remove him from his position. #Fauci #Democrats #Republicans Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 06/03/21
Texas Declares Migrant Crisis A DISASTER, SLAMS Biden Open Borders Policy, Democrats Escalate Crisis. Meanwhile Republicans slam Kamala Harris for refusing to visit the southern border at all. The Democrats in office don't seem to care at all about the institutions, the migrant crisis, our borders, or the economy. Republicans get paid to sit and watch #Democrats #MigrantCrisis #BorderCrisis Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 06/02/21
Major Cyberattack Just CRIPPLED US Meat Supply As Democrat Spending Pushes Dollar Toward Collapse. We knew the first cyber attack in the news would only encourage more and its happening. After the colonial pipeline hack fears of more cyber attacks proved true as now its impacting a large portion of the US meat supply at a time when there are already shortages of chicken and beef. Joe Biden is struggling to secure our infrastructure and Democrat spending is igniting fear that the dollar is...
Published 06/01/21
Former Trump Advisor, Michael Flynn, Calls For Military Coup Escalating Fears of Second US Civil War. When asked about Myanmar's military coup over claims of election impropriety Flynn said it can happen here and it should happen. While Michael Flynn is not currently in a position of power politically he is still a prominent voice for a massive movement that is refusing to give up on Trump and now is cheering for calls to remove Democrat Joe Biden with military...
Published 05/31/21
Democrats FURIOUS After GOP Blocks Jan 6th Commission, Republicans Defect And DEFEND Democrat Lies. Democrats consistently shape the narrative and Republicans being too weak either agree with them or fail to actually push back. While Democrats rant about January 6th the GOP does nothing about BLM Riots and Antifa, they do nothing about the Biden Scandal or Hunter Biden. Because the GOP is just a speed bump for the democrat agenda #Democrats #Republicans #Biden Learn more about your ad...
Published 05/28/21
BLM Politician Who Voted To Defund Police Carjacked by CHILDREN, Democrats PANIC And REFUND Police. Democrats in many major cities are proposing giving police more money after defunding police backfired. Crime has skyrocketed and this politician is still blaming the system for children stealing his car. So long as Democrats don't recognize their failed policies they will keep pandering on emotion and making things worse. #BLMRiots #DefundThePolice #Democrats Learn more about your ad...
Published 05/27/21
MASSIVE Scandal About To Erupt As Fauci Admits Funding Went To Wuhan Lab, GOP DEAMNDS Fauci Be Fired. Dr. Fauci has consistently been wrong and flip flopped on the covid pandemic. Now after finally admitting US provided funding to the Wuhan Institute Republicans are demanding he be fired immediately. Lab leak hypothesis is gaining more and more traction and Trump may have ben right all along. #Democrats #FireFauci #LabLeak Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 05/26/21
Shots ERUPT At George Floyd No Go Zone In MN During LIVE News Report, BLM Antifa Causing MORE CRIME. Democrats soft on crime approach and support of BLM riots and Antifa has led to an increase in crime and the creation of no go zones in US cities. Republicans get paid to watch as it happens. #BLMRiots #NoGoZones #Democrats Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 05/25/21
Fauci Says COVID Lab Leak Possible, Media In FULL Panic Mode, Stealth Editing, Retracting "Debunks." Media claimed Republicans, Tucker Carlson, and even other journalists were pushing debunked theories. Now as more news comes out about covid and the wuhan lab the idea of a lab leak has become mainstream. While democrats and media were adamant on claiming anything trump said is a lie, the world suffered for it. #Fauci #LabLeak #Democrats Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...
Published 05/24/21
Ted Cruz SLAMS Woke Army Ad, Says Democrats And Woke media Turning Our Military Into "Pansies." A viral Army ad is being slammed by conservatives as woke and compared with a russian military ad. democrats of course have come to defend the woke ad campaign and conservatives criticize it. #Democrats #Republicans #conservatives Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 05/21/21
Oregon Counties Officially Voted To SECEDE Over Failed Democrat Policies, Texans Push Secession Bill. 7 counties wish to join Idaho and become Greater Idaho While Democrats and Republicans continue to tear each other apart politically many at the local level are fed up with the lack of representation and the secessionist movement is growing. In california, colorado, and texas various forms of secession are being advocated for #Secession #Democrats #GreaterIdaho Learn more about your ad...
Published 05/20/21
Pro BLM Prosecutor CRUSHES Moderate In Election Proving Democrats WANT Rising Crime, Support Riots. Philly DA Krasner has won reelection over a police supporter candidate crushing him by over 30 points. While perhaps a bit hyperbolic to say Democrats want crime, I call it fair considering we don't see protests when violent crime surges, only when police are involved. Democrats seem not to be calling for accountability of criminals but of the police instead Antifa and BLM enjoy free passes...
Published 05/19/21
Democrat State Level FAILURES Come Back To Haunt Them As ALREADY Republicans Predicted To Win 2022. Its obviously a long shot prediction considering how much can change form now until then. But due to state level losses Democrats are already in a bad spot and on top of that Democratic voters seem to have bnowed out as soon as Donald Trump left the white house and joe Biden came in The GOP is looking good for 2022 #Democrats #Republicans #Biden Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...
Published 05/18/21
Global Shortages Ignite Fear Of Inflation, Food And Gas Cost SKYROCKET, Media Says JUST EAT CICADAS. Supplies are low and many fear Biden's mass spending will just make inflation worse. Democrats seem unfazed and demand more spending as fears of inflation escalate #Inflation #Biden #Democrats Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 05/17/21
Democrats REFUSE To Remove Masks Following CDC Guidelines Over Fear Of Being Seen As Conservative. Democrat Eric Swalwell got into an altercation with a staffer for Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene after he said "Biden said you can take the mask off" Many Democrats are scared that if they dont wear a mask they will be seen as conservatives. #Democrats #Republicans #Conservative Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 05/14/21
Gas Company CAVED, Pays $5M Ransom To Restart Gas Pipeline, Biden Blames RUSSIANS As Gas prices Rise. The FBI Advises against paying ransom but it is done and will get worse. Joe Biden made the announcement that it was Russian hackers who did it but said the russian government was not involved, Putin denied involvement. Democrats may have won power in the last election but clearly are not capable of dealing with these major crises Gas shortages, inflation, migrant crisis, middle eastern...
Published 05/13/21
Fear of Runaway Inflation As Local News Reports Food Shortages, Gas Shortage In Some States Near 50%. While many blame the colonial pipeline cyber attack for the gas shortages stories going back weeks have warned about them. But its not only gas, many local news outlets warned of food shortages and skyrocketing prices as fears of runaway inflation hits. Many blame Democrat policies for incentivizing people not to work. #Democrats #GasShortage #Inflation Learn more about your ad choices....
Published 05/12/21
Biden Administration FAILING US As Gas Shortage, Inflation, Migrant Crisis, Cyber Attack SLAMS. While blaming the Democrat on every crisis is not fair many of the issues are the direct results of Joe Biden's policies. Currently republicans are seeking to revoke the unemployment bonus Biden wants to extend as it is incentivizing people to not work and resulting in massive inflation. Biden's border policies have made everything worse and kamala Harris isn't even showing up to deal with...
Published 05/11/21
State Of EMERGENCY Declared, hackers Shut Down Largest Oil Pipeline In US, Gas Prices SKYROCKET Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 05/10/21