Long time friend Jason Lengstorf, VP of Developer Experience at Netlify, swings by to chat through all the things that have changed at Netlify over the last few years!
Published 05/25/21
Published 05/25/21
Chris has been mucking around pretending to be a "fullstack" engineer - a.k.a. getting it to work poorly - and we chat through some of the tools he's been using to get it done
Published 05/25/21
Container queries are here! Well, almost - enough for us to actually try them out and get excited about how they're going to change how you develop in the near future.
Published 04/22/21
Today's episode has us run through our favourite books, ranging from technical, non-fiction, and non-fiction!
Published 04/07/21
Today we run through a grab bag of tools that we're looking forward to or leveraging in our projects today
Published 03/09/21
Well, we once again were going to start talking about the new website... but instead realised there were a bunch of cool things from GitHub that we wanted to highlight!
Published 02/11/21
Join us as we ramble on about our various thoughts on interviewing, both as interviewees and interviewers!
Published 01/28/21
Well, we *intended* this to be a dive into how we're building our new website, but it ended up being a talk about starting new side-projects in general! Listen to us chat about some books and resources we've found useful when starting a new venture
Published 01/14/21
It's that time of the year again - we take a look back at some things that surprised us this year (beyond the chaos of 2020!) and some things we're looking forward to in 2021
Published 12/29/20
Jason Miller swings by to teach us a little bit about his new all-in-one development tool, WMR
Published 12/16/20
Today we're doing a variety show on writing! Design docs, 1:1's, note-taking - we run through a gamut of tools and thoughts as we discuss how writing has impacted our careers.
Published 12/03/20
Wow it's been a while since we talked animations! We spend some time categorizing the different categories of animations we've run across in our jobs and some of our favourite tools to tackle them.
Published 11/18/20
Chris has been building with React Native again recently, so we decided to check back in and chat about the differences between building with React Native versus React for Web
Published 11/03/20
Today's episode is a little more retrospective as we talk a walk through how our careers started and how they've changed over the years
Published 09/25/20
We realized that we haven't recorded an episode about CSS in over a year!! So we decided to chat about some of the new and experimental things coming up with CSS
Published 09/09/20
Last year we had Rich Harris on as he was announcing Svelte v3 and we both committed to building something with it. Turns out, we didn't do that, but we're making good now! We chat about some of our first impressions as we build stuff with Svelte
Published 09/02/20
Chris has been writing a blog post on the lessons he could teach his younger self about Typescript and we decided to do it live! We go and discuss the seven Typescript concepts that Chris is writing about in the post.
Published 08/12/20
Well, it's July (almost August) and we're STILL working from home. We check back into our home setups and update what's changed in the last six months.
Published 07/29/20
Una's knee deep in rebuilding her blog in Eleventy; we talk about the pro/cons and the onboarding experience of Eleventy!
Published 04/23/20
We both were hard at work creating and researching documentation; so figured we'd stop and chat about our favourite documentation sites
Published 04/10/20
Join us as we discuss some tips and tricks for working from home! Tools, furniture recommendation, and just general ideas for not going too stir-crazy
Published 03/13/20
We talk a walk through our year and revisit and revise some of our former opinions (especially around CSS in JS)
Published 12/17/19
Una recently spoke at Chrome Dev Summit and Chris... Chris watched a bunch of the videos. We chat about our favourite new things showcased at CDS
Published 11/21/19
Today we're going back in time and... using no build tools??
Published 11/06/19