The overflow is God’s job—our job is the ordinary. What if we embraced the ordinary tasks in front of us—taking care of our family, being diligent students, caring for our bodies, and praying consistently? God chose ordinary people to spread his message. We pray this service helped you value the ordinary so that God can overflow in your life! Scripture References: Romans 12:1-2 MSG Acts 4:13 NLT
Published 05/26/24
Published 05/26/24
Get ready to experience Overflow The Album! Today we celebrate what God prophetically spoke into the earth 10.5 years ago. Enjoy this service as we worship God through all 7 songs from the album. If you would like to support this Kingdom sound, purchase the album here: www.therepresentstore.com The Overflow is also available on all streaming platforms! https://transformationworship.lnk.to/overflowthealbum
Published 05/19/24
Sometimes, the thought of getting things in order feels overwhelming. At TC we believe in progression over perfection. We’re taking steps towards order day by day. Order doesn’t happen in your hands first, it happens in your head. Our next step is cultivating our thought life to align with what God has instructed us to think about. This message will cause you to radically cast your cares and fix your thoughts! Optimism is not an option, it's an order! Scripture References: Philippians 4:8...
Published 05/12/24
We never run out when we’re deeply connected to God because He never does. Just as Jesus miraculously multiplied fish and loaves, he established order before the overflow occurred. The abundance of what God has designed, destined, and desires for you is the overflow, and it requires us to align our lives with God’s will. The order of God requires work! What do you need to put in order to experience the overflow? Scripture References: Romans 15:13 NLT Luke 12:47-48 NLT Mark 6:37-44...
Published 05/05/24
It’s not enough to speak about overflow; it’s time to LIVE in the overflow. Pastor Mike illustrated how we can have access to what God has given us but not actually have possession. We must put in our own effort to see all that God has for us. The key to overflow is obedience! We pray this message prompts you to realize the abundance available to you in God's kingdom and inspires you to place a demand on God’s intended plan for your life. Scripture References: Romans 15:13 NLT
Published 04/28/24
The greatest in the kingdom is the one who humbly serves all! We should all seek to make others greater. Tim Ross preached an impactful message that reminded us to humble ourselves, put others first, and listen to Holy Spirit. If we ever see ourselves puffing up or feel arrogance and ego flaring, we must remind ourselves to GET DOWN HERE—to the place of humility. Scripture References: Luke 22:24-27 NLT Ephesians 4:2 NLT Philippians 2:3-4 NLT James 4:6-10 NLT 1 Peter 3:8-9 NLT 1 Peter 5:6...
Published 04/21/24
God wants to fill you with joy and peace so that you can overflow with confident hope! Before we walk in overflow we must know that trust in God as our Source is the prerequisite. With a powerful illustration, Pastor Mike walks us through how to stay in position for overflow; picking our source (God), picking your size (faith), picking your stance and picking your story. We pray that this message encourages you to not only stay close to The Source, but be surrendered so that you can receive...
Published 04/14/24
Pastor Mike dismantled the need for perfection in our journey with God in Week 8 of the Fresh Fruit Series. Is your ability to walk in faith being hindered by the impact of failure in your past? In this message you will learn how to get familiar with failure, factor it in, frame it right, find the fruit and fix your focus on Jesus! Scripture References: John 21:3-6 NLT Proverbs 24:16 AMP James 1:2-4 NLT Romans 8:28 KJV Hebrews 12:2 NIV John 21:7 NLT 1 Timothy 1:15-17 MSG
Published 04/07/24
You need fresh faith to believe again! Sometimes, we need our faith refreshed in our walk with Christ. Pastor Mike walks us through 4 Keys to keep our faith fresh. When you have a fresh perspective, reminder, expectation, and anticipation, you posture yourself to see what God has in store for you. We pray that this message reignites you to get into God’s presence and refresh your faith!Scripture References: 1 Kings 18:42-46 NIV 1 Kings 18:1-2 NIV Ephesians 3:20-21 NIV
Published 03/24/24
In the kingdom of God, tithing is the foundation of our finances. Jesus redeemed us from the curse of not tithing, but when we don’t tithe, we rob God of the opportunity to bless you. We don’t want there to be a cap on what God wants to do in our lives! We pray this message is a reminder of how we can put Jesus first in our finances. Scripture References: Proverbs 11:24 MSG Matthew 6:19-21 NLT 1 Corinthians 3:10-11 NLT Malachi 3:6-10 NKJV Galatians 3:13a NIV Luke 11:42 NKJV Hebrews 7:8 NKJV
Published 03/17/24
What would it look like if your life was full of fruit? The key to bearing MORE FRUIT is managing the seed that God gives us. In this message, Pastor Mike gave us a reminder of the power of being a seed sower. Every time is the right time to sow in the kingdom because God continues to supply and multiply the seed that we sow. We pray that this message empowers you to make the DECISION to be the sower that God needs you to be in the Earth. Scripture References: John 10:10 NIV 2 Corinthians...
Published 03/10/24
Cutting may be painful, but being cut by God is a promise of more fruit in your life.In this compelling message, Pastor Mike reveals the transformative power of God's cutting process. Drawing from Matthew 7:18-20 and John 15:1-3, he unpacks how God's cutting eliminates what isn't producing and expands what is.We pray this message encourages you to embrace surrender and trust in God's plan for growth and transformation, knowing that His cuts are ultimately for your good and His...
Published 03/03/24
The church is not just a physical place; it’s a people. WE are the people! In Week 3 of the Fresh Fruit Sermon Series, Pastor Charles preached a powerful message that reminded us of the power of the church. Our presence is needed to keep the church FRESH. We pray that this message causes you to walk in your authority as the church, invite people, and be formed in a local church so that you can produce fruit. Scripture References: Matthew 16:13-18 NLT
Published 02/25/24
In this year of fruit, God is pruning and cutting us in areas that do not bear and areas that He desires to see more fruit. To keep from perishing, we have to receive vision to keep us ALIVE. In Week 2 of the Fresh Fruit sermon series, Pastor Mike shared fresh vision for Transformation Church with us and taught us how to have a vision for fresh fruit. This year our focus will be on having tested faith, trusted friends, and being in a space of training for spiritual formation. Let’s commit...
Published 02/18/24
What if the next thing God wants to do with you isn’t new but fresh? Pastor Mike challenges us to consider that the next phase of God's work may not be entirely new but rather a fresh perspective on what already exists. We’re encouraged to make space for expansion and growth in order to fully embrace the fresh blessings God wants to impart. At the end of this message, Pastor Mike shares with us the gateway to a fresh perspective; gratitude. We pray this message encourages you to receive the...
Published 02/11/24
In celebration of 25 years as a ministry and 9 years under the guidance of Pastors Mike & Natalie Todd, we reflect on the impact of a single Word from God. From Bishop Gary's directive to "Reverse the Curse" in North Tulsa, birthing Transformation Church, to Pastor Mike's revelation that "The Spirit Bank Event Center would be Transformation Church," guiding our acquisition of our current space, we are reminded of the power of God's Word in shaping our future when we believe it in faith....
Published 02/04/24
Are you fit to finish what God has called you to do? In Week 4 of the Start Sharp Series, Pastor Mike preached a word that is 7 years in the making. As he shared his fitness journey, he made the connection of how it was truly a journey of spiritual growth as well. God has a plan and purpose for each one of us, and we will only be able to fulfill it to the level our body can take it. God wants us to have a healthy heart - spiritually and physically. We pray this message causes you to get your...
Published 01/28/24
It’s time to check your settings! To get the best out of any device you own, your settings must be up-to-date. In Week 3 of the Start Shap Sermon Series, Pastor Mike shows a powerful illustration of the settings we need to check and how they impact our transformation. If you’re ready to start sharp and stay sharp, it’s time to check your settings of faith, friends, and spiritual formation. In order to flourish this year, what settings do you need to update? Scripture References: Psalms...
Published 01/21/24
Pastor Mike has a mandate to push us out of complacency! In Week 2 of the Start Sharp Series, God directs Pastor Mike to share a personal word with us all: Strengthen Your Strength. There are areas of our lives that we are already gifted in that God is asking us to stir up and stand strong in. This message will give you confidence to become a student again, come out of agreement with the lies you believed and nurture the greatness on the inside of you. We’re starting sharp by sharpening our...
Published 01/14/24
Are you feeling spiritually dull, lacking sharpness in your life? Pastor Mike draws from the tale of the young versus the older lumberjack to illustrate the significance of a sharpened ax. This message serves as a reminder: it's time to get your edge back! The pathway to staying sharp this year lies in the practice of prayer and fasting. This sermon delves into techniques for regaining your edge: embracing food exit, engaging with the Father, forfeiting entertainment, and directing our focus...
Published 01/07/24
Merry Christmas, TC Nation! This week, we wrap up our series-within-a-series, End In Triumph, with Pastor Mike, who invites us to revisit the story of Christmas with a new lens that God is with us even in our mess. Pastor Mike teaches us three key things from the Christmas story: Triumph is usually wrapped in trauma, favor can be wrapped in foolishness, and promises can be wrapped in pain. Christmas is the beginning of evidence that Christ is willing to do anything to get us back. If you need...
Published 12/24/23
What if today could be one day that changes all your days? What if you didn’t wait to be the person that God has called you to be? Pastor Charles helped us realize that we can start our new year NOW. As we remove our entitlement of tomorrow, we can live presently in today. This message will show you how to utilize vision, values, your voice, and your investments to live tomorrow, TODAY. Scripture References: James 4:13-17 NLT Proverbs 27:1 AMP Lamentations 3:22-23 ESV
Published 12/17/23
Trauma wants to steal your ‘try,’ but there’s triumph in trying. On this Crazy Faith Offering Sunday, Pastor Mike ignites our faith to walk in obedience even when it feels crazy. We dived into the story of Naaman, who had leprosy and received instructions for his healing that seemed abnormal. Sometimes, small changes can activate something supernatural in our lives. Let’s end & begin our year in crazy faith to try again! Scripture References: 2 Kings 5:8-17 NIV
Published 12/11/23
The way you end a thing is the way you start a thing. This year we are going to END in TRIUMPH! In this mini-series of the DBND Sermon Series, Pastor Mike gives us a faith boost to believe in the SUDDENLY. Oftentimes when we hear “suddenly”, we think “quickly” but what if your “suddenly” is connected to something slow? Pastor Mike walks us through biblical examples that remind us that the suddenly often comes with a season of steady. Perhaps the blessing that God wants to manifest in your...
Published 12/03/23