Published 03/02/21
We discuss the pilot to Firefly Lane, a new Netflix series based on the popular novel by Kristin Hannah. It stars Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke, and...um...we're going to go watch the fourth episode of WandaVision. 
Published 02/09/21
We discuss the pilot to WandaVision, a new Disney+ miniseries kicking off Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Plus at some point during this episode, unbeknownst to the rest of us, Elizabeth freezes time to get some laundry done.
Published 02/02/21
We discuss the pilot to Lupin, a Netflix original retelling the classic French story of the world-famous gentleman thief. Plus Bill buys too many limes and Elizabeth waxes poetic about her days in France drinking Orangina and vodka.
Published 01/26/21
We discuss the new NBC sitcom Mr. Mayor starring Ted Danson and a guy who either looks or sounds somewhat like Olaf. Elizabeth shops for a blazer and then we talk a little about some other recent sitcoms we've binged. 
Published 01/19/21
Put the kettle on! We're finally talking about the pilot to Bridgerton on Netflix. Will we don brightly colored Regency era dress, or unsubscribe from Lady Whistledown's emails? Tune in to find out!
Published 01/12/21
R-R-R-RECAP! We take a look back at our last batch of shows, see what's been canceled or renewed, and complain endlessly about Teenage Bounty Hunters being canceled. Plus Elizabeth stops by the yogurt store in her new outfit inspired by The Capture.
Published 01/05/21
What better way to close out 2020 than with a show that wipes out 7 billion people in a worldwide pandemic? We discuss The Stand, the latest adaptation of the Stephen King novel on CBS All Access.
Published 12/29/20
Two podcasters team up with a puppeteer hater and someone who once dated a lobsterman's son to find the treasure of a delightfully terrible Christmas movie...and just like in Holly Star, there is no actual treasure. It's our third annual holiday special!
Published 12/22/20
We dive into the pilot to the new Netflix series Selena before confirming that Jennifer Lopez is, in fact, beautiful. 
Published 12/15/20
Two words: bathroom sex. That's right, we're talking about the pilot to HBO's Industry. This episode is most definitely NOT sponsored by Red Bull. 
Published 12/08/20
We discuss the pilot to A Teacher, a new Hulu drama starring Kate Mara and Nick Robinson. Bill and Elizabeth build a couch, discuss weekly release schedules, and the Netflix rom-com Dash & Lily.
Published 12/01/20
This week we discuss the pilot to the new Showtime comedy Moonbase 8! We kick things off with some improv, Bill gets his car washed, and Elizabeth takes Paul Hollywood to the moon.
Published 11/24/20
We briefly kick our Netflix habit to check out the latest CBS offering, B Positive. Plus Bill pitches a new show and Elizabeth reviews Annaleigh Ashford's entire filmography.
Published 11/17/20
By the gods! We're reviewing the pilot to Blood of Zeus, another Netflix anime series. We also discuss the downfall of Quibi and various flavors of seltzer. Talk about epic!
Published 11/10/20
This week we discuss the Netflix series The Queen's Gambit, based on the 1983 novel of the same name. We also talk Kurt Russell movies and climbing the ranks of Duolingo leagues. CHECK MATE.
Published 11/03/20
Happy Halloween! This week we discuss the creepy pilot to The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix. We also talk about scary movies, Halloween costumes, and Elizabeth desperately searches for hunter green wide leg dress pants.
Published 10/27/20
Prost! We're reviewing the pilot to Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood on Netflix. We also discuss the final season of Schitt's Creek and speak a little German. 
Published 10/20/20
This week we review the pilot to Dragon's Dogma, an animated Netflix series based on the video games. Bill gushes about Castlevania and Avatar, Elizabeth animates some breasts, and we introduce some truly jaw-dropping special effects. 
Published 10/13/20
Elizabeth enjoys a vodka soda as we watch the pilot to The Duchess, a Netflix original comedy. Somehow this episode is more not safe for work than usual!
Published 10/06/20
We review the pilot to Filthy Rich, a new FOX series written by AI that was programmed to watch a bunch of previous FOX shows and then write a new one. Sponsored by CBD oil.
Published 09/29/20
This week we discuss the pilot to Teenage Bounty Hunters, a Netflix original teen comedy-drama. We also look ahead to returning fall TV shows, discuss what we're listening to these days, and look back on the legacy of the Spin Doctors' hit Two Princes.
Published 09/22/20
This week we take a look at the pilot to Raised by Wolves, a new sci-fi drama on HBO Max. We also discuss what the hell HBO Max is, plus Bill asks Elizabeth a question.
Published 09/15/20
We sing the praises of Mel and Sue while reviewing the pilot to Hitmen, a new British comedy on Peacock. We also discuss recent shows we've finished, delve into McFlurry flavors, and make a Bakewell tart...because, duh, we make one every week.
Published 09/08/20
What cosmic horrors await within this podcast?! Oh, it's just our review of the pilot to Lovecraft Country, a new HBO series based on the 2016 novel. 
Published 09/01/20