A new Metroid game is here, and by golly, it rules. Maddy, Jason, and Kirk put on their Varian Suits and take a deep dive into Samus Aran's latest adventure, Metroid Dread, which came out earlier this month for Nintendo Switch. They talk about the game's relentless pacing, the brilliant controls, and the endless stream of power-ups. They discuss the marauding EMMIs, the difficulty, and the meticulous design of each level. Metroid Dread: it's a good video game.
Published 10/21/21
What's a video game? Let's explain! On this very special episode of Triple Click, produced as part of Maximum Fun's Block Party, hosts Kirk Hamilton, Jason Schreier, and Maddy Myers give you a beginner's guide to gaming: the good, the bad, and the pixelated. First, a few definitions of what a "video game" actually is. Then, some recommendations for games you should play if you're just getting started. And finally, our regular bonus segment, One More Thing.
Published 10/14/21
Why is Diablo one of the best-selling series of all time? Just what makes Blizzard's action-RPGs so devilishly appealing? Kirk, Maddy, and Jason break down the iconic franchise and talk about why it's good -- and why it might be pretty bad. They talk about the addictive properties of loot hunting, how the games have evolved over the years, and whether there's really room in their lives for Diablo 4.
Published 10/07/21
It's time for a Triple Play! Jason, Maddy, and Kirk have all played a whole lot of Deathloop, the time-twisting new game from Arkane. They break down what they like and don't like about the game, diving into its unique structure, disappointing ending, and truly delightful little details.
Published 09/30/21
Villains: we all hate'em, but what would video games be without them? This week, Kirk, Jason, and Maddy try to figure out what makes a good bad guy. From Deathloop's Julianna to Final Fantasy VII's Sephiroth, antagonists can be brilliant and memorable. But why do we love to hate them? What makes them so fiendishly appealing? And just what is the deal with Kefka?
Published 09/23/21
What's the deal with Metroid? To answer that question, we must turn to series expert Maddy Myers, who explains to Kirk and Jason just what a Metroid is and why it matters. What's the lore behind Samus's baby? What's up with those Chozo? And what do we all need to know before heading into this October's much-anticipated new game Metroid Dread?
Published 09/16/21
What makes a remake worth playing? When should developers go back and change a game, and how much should they change? This week, the Triple Click crew tries to figure out when remakes work, when they don't work, and why. Plus: Kirk unveils his grand spectrum of Remakes, Remasters, and the Super Turbo Remake Plus.
Published 09/09/21
Maddy, Jason, and Kirk delve into each other's brains to talk about Psychonauts 2, one of the best games of the year so far. They talk about the delightful writing, the clever level design, and the emotional moments. They also talk about Double Fine, the maker of Psychonauts 2, and its long, turbulent history as a game developer.
Published 09/02/21
The Triple Click Trio opens up the mailbag and answer your most burning questions.
Published 08/26/21
It's finally time: Jason, Maddy, and Kirk pick up their gravity guns and move around some cardboard boxes so they can climb into Half-Life 2. The gang talks about the pros and cons of Valve's classic shooter, how the game holds up in 2021, the G-Man, the graphics, the setpieces, the nauseating vehicles, and oh so much more!
Published 08/19/21
Metaverse! Everyone's talking about it. Every company wants a piece of it. But just what the heck is it? This week, Jason, Maddy, and Kirk try to figure out what the deal is with the Metaverse... and can't even agree themselves on what it really means. From Fortnite to Facebook, come along on a wild ride through movie crossovers and alternate realities.
Published 08/12/21
We're all about visual novels here at Triple Click. What's that, you ask? What's a visual novel? Well, allow Kirk, Maddy, and Jason to tell you: it's kind of like a book... but better! Join us to talk about the stellar new game The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, the horniness of Fire Emblem and Persona, and why sometimes gameplay just isn't all that great.
Published 08/05/21
Kirk, Maddy, and Jason dive into Skyward Sword HD, the new Zelda remake for Nintendo Switch. Does it hold up today? How does it feel after Breath of the Wild? And what's up with those controls? Then they talk about the harrowing Activision Blizzard lawsuit that's shaken up the video game industry over the past week.
Published 07/29/21
There sure are a lot of games this summer. It's time for Kirk, Jason, and Maddy to talk about them! And then maybe we'll go out for some sloppy steaks. Games discussed: Chicory, Overboard, Mario Golf, Scarlet Nexus, Ender Lilies, Astalon: Tears of the Earth, Before Your Eyes
Published 07/15/21
With Skyward Sword coming to Nintendo Switch, the Triple Click gang asks the question you've all been asking: What's the deal with Zelda? Kirk, Jason, and Maddy talk about the origins of the series, how it's evolved over the years, the stagnant Zelda formula, the delights of exploration, the unexpected creativity in limitations, and much, much more.
Published 07/08/21
Jason, Maddy, and Kirk open up the mailbag and take YOUR listener questions on all sorts of things. What makes people good at video games? Why do AAA games seem so bad at "editing"? What's the best book-game pairing? And much more!
Published 07/01/21
Maddy, Kirk, and Jason jump into the ridiculously titled Final Fantasy VII Remake: Episode INTERmission, diving into Yuffie's adventures in Midgar. They talk about the combat system, the big story teases, and whether the next DLC will be called InterMISSION. Plus: what's up with the whole Hideo Kojima conspiracy?
Published 06/24/21
NEW METROID!!! And also other things. But first, NEW METROID!!! After Maddy's done hyperventilating, the gang talks about everything we saw at this year's bizarre, online-only E3. From Elden Ring to Avatar to Breath of the Wild 2, let's go through it all.
Published 06/17/21
E3 2021 is almost here, which means it's time for HOPES, EXPECTATIONS, RUMORS, and VIDEO GAMES. This week, Kirk, Jason, and Maddy talk about what it's been like preparing for a virtual E3 (blech), what they hope to see from each conference, and all of the hot gossip they've been hearing behind-the-scenes, from Assassin's Creed to Guardians of the Galaxy.
Published 06/10/21
Why do some games get demos while others don't? How did video game demos get started? And what's up with that weird game PT? This week, Maddy, Jason, and Kirk answer the question that's been on everyone's minds: What's the DEAL with video game demos?
Published 06/03/21
It's Mass Effect time! Maddy, Jason, and Kirk are all playing the remastered version of BioWare's sci-fi trilogy, and really, who needs an excuse to talk Mass Effect? The gang talks about what it's like to revisit Mass Effect all these years later, what has or hasn't aged well, and of course, who they'd all like to smooch.
Published 05/27/21
It's time for news! This week, the Triple Click clique dives into some of the spring's big gaming news, from the Epic vs. Apple trial to Ubisoft's decision to embrace free-to-play games and much, much more. Plus: Maddy explains why Pokemon cards are back and bigger than ever!
Published 05/20/21
The Triple Click gang dives into Returnal, the latest PlayStation 5 exclusive from Housemarque. Is it too challenging or just challenging enough? Should it have been released in Early Access? And just how good is that PS5 controller? Dodge your way through bullet hell to listen to this episode.
Published 05/13/21
In honor of MaxFunDrive 2021, we decided to put a beanscast from earlier this year in the main feed! This episode originally aired in the bonus feed on February 21, 2021. If you'd like more bonus episodes (and to get some extra MaxFunDrive swag), sign up to become a member today. ORIGINAL SHOW NOTES: For this month’s bonus episode, Jason, Maddy and Kirk put on their beskar helmets and jetpack straight into the rough and tumble world of Star Wars: The Mandalorian. It’s a wide-ranging...
Published 05/10/21
The video game industry is broken. Perhaps it's time to... Press Reset? On this week's first-ever LIVE episode of Triple Click, the gang discusses Jason's latest book about the video game industry. They talk about the closures of game companies like Irrational Games and 38 Studios, the industry's sustainability problems, and lots more. Plus: find out how to win a free copy of Press Reset!
Published 05/06/21