Cabins by the Lake /// Part 2 /// 766
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Cabins by the Lake /// Part 2 /// 766 Part 2 of 2 17 year old Belinda VanLith has been missing for fifty years now. At the time of her disappearance she was described as five foot five inches tall, about one hundred ten pounds with blond hair and blue eyes. Belinda was house sitting for a neighbor at the time. She failed to attend her sister’s going away party on June 15th, 1974. Her family contacted the Sheriff’s office and reported her missing the following day. Accounts from that time have narrowed her disappearance to prior to the party. Foul play is suspected. Anyone with information about Belinda VanLith is asked to call the Wright County Sheriff’s Office at 763-682-7879 or 763-682-7637. Hitchhiker IPA by Good People Brewing Company Garage Grade - 4 and a half bottle caps out of 5 Checkout our store and recommended pages by going to Listen to True Crime Garage Off The Record!!! Now available on Apple Podcast Subscriptions and to everyone everywhere on Patreon. Follow True Crime Garage on X @TrueCrimeGarage / Follow Nic on X @TCGNIC / Follow The Captain on X @TCGCaptain
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