A cross-country traveler decides to sell his soulmate. Season 3 finale.
Published 07/09/15
by Magellan A young man contemplates infinity in the middle of a boat dance. [explicit content]
Published 06/24/15
When a call girl comes to her for help, a Toronto woman agrees to play secretary.
Published 06/15/15
Two stories: a short one about a girl and her brother; a longer one about a girl and her face.
Published 06/08/15
A young man in a hurry takes a detour at Mount Shasta.
Published 05/29/15
Three teenagers walk down a dark London street on Halloween. True Story Game now available at www.truestorygame.com.
Published 05/21/15
A religious skeptic inadvertently goes backpacking with Christians.
Published 05/13/15
Newly liberated woman seeks Argentinian man for casual encounter.
Published 04/24/15
Gifted children stand trial for summertime crimes.
Published 04/08/15
Two strangers take the same path in Vancouver, BC.
Published 03/23/15
by Brian A floundering freshman goes on a killing spree.
Published 03/10/15
by Chris A ten-year-old orchestrates a cover-up in 1980s Brooklyn.
Published 02/23/15
by Artichokes (pseudonym) The universe cracks open for a 12-year-old girl on family vacation.
Published 02/09/15
by Trish How do you know? A woman has second thoughts about marriage.
Published 01/27/15
by Will A onetime believer searches for answers to what it means to be alive.
Published 01/12/15
by Jake A birthday celebration in rural India takes a visitor on a nighttime safari. Also, for those of you who heard our heartpounding recent story Nightmare at Ten Sleep, Ana, the storyteller, just published an article on Medium in which she recounts her tale of the mysterious shooter and the still-unsolved crime’s aftermath. We recommend […]
Published 12/30/14
by Sarah Best Of for the holiday week. A family squares off over proper Christmas clothing.
Published 12/22/14
by Ana Dreams and premonitions darken a climbing trip in remote Wyoming.
Published 12/08/14
by Daniel Season 3 is launching soon! This week: Best of True Story. A boy in preschool notices girls for the first time.
Published 11/19/14
by Christina A young woman faces her illness.
Published 06/23/14
by Elan A family vacation hits a sticking point.
Published 06/10/14
by Will When a young Christian carries his light into the darkness, he’s surprised by what he finds.
Published 04/23/14
by Rosie A fifth-grade girl makes a momentous discovery.
Published 04/01/14
by Dan You might get the urge to clap along, but… don’t.
Published 03/18/14
by Shaista Love surprises a young writer in Nova Scotia.
Published 02/26/14