Published 08/25/19
Researching young adults' attitudes to "identity." A nice case study of the value of a small number of in-depth interviews.
Published 07/17/19
Michelle talks about the challenge and opportunity of running a large team remotely.
Published 07/02/19
Designing questions that answer your data needs, and that humans can understand
Published 05/24/19
Celia Hodent talks about neuroscience, UX and games design.
Published 03/16/19
Brett King on the future of banking
Published 12/15/18
Martin talks about the challenges and opportunities of designing for the connected, sensor- and data-enabled city of the future.
Published 07/05/18
Kevin Hoffman talks about how to design and facilitate good meetings.
Published 04/02/18
Matiu Bush talks about designing for the end of life.
Published 03/12/18
Slack's Amir Shevat talks about bots, and why you can't just port existing services to a bot, and about the power of conversational interfaces.
Published 02/04/18