125 | The World of the Early Church
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Dive into the history of the church as we look at the culture, governments, historical events and social shifts that shaped its first 500 years!   The parallels between the church of the second and third centuries and the global church today give us a glimpse of how we can live as Christians of conviction in a pagan world.
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As we get close to the end of the early church series, we learn how persecution played a role in the spread of the gospel and how today's American culture parallels Ancient Rome. For more on the history of missions in the first 500 years, see this article: ...
Published 02/07/24
Published 12/20/23
In this special Christmas episode Phylicia shares two pieces from her Advent series on the problem of evil and a special devotional piece on the personal nature of God's grace. For more writing like this, join Phylicia's email list at phyliciamasonheimer.com/newsletter.
Published 12/20/23