As we get close to the end of the early church series, we learn how persecution played a role in the spread of the gospel and how today's American culture parallels Ancient Rome. For more on the history of missions in the first 500 years, see this article: https://digitalcommons.liberty.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1001&context=cgm_hist
Published 02/07/24
Published 12/20/23
In this special Christmas episode Phylicia shares two pieces from her Advent series on the problem of evil and a special devotional piece on the personal nature of God's grace. For more writing like this, join Phylicia's email list at phyliciamasonheimer.com/newsletter.
Published 12/20/23
The early church developed quickly and expanded fast. How did they worship God in those early years? Many denominations claim to follow the pattern of the early church, but do they? In this episode we will look at how the early church "did" church at their gatherings, and how it laid the groundwork for what we do today.
Published 12/13/23
In this episode we meet ten figures of the early church: five men and five women who shaped the culture of the first 500 years. A common theme in this era is the challenge of Rome's idolatry: will these women and men burn incense to the emperor, or will they choose Christ and die? Learn how their lives model a faith for us today.
Published 12/07/23
The early church faced a lot of heresies in their first 500 years. Arianism, Gnosticism, and Docetism threatened the church's teaching and forced them to refine their teaching to match the gospel. In this episode, you'll journey through three major creeds and five major councils!
Published 11/30/23
Dive into the history of the church as we look at the culture, governments, historical events and social shifts that shaped its first 500 years!   The parallels between the church of the second and third centuries and the global church today give us a glimpse of how we can live as Christians of conviction in a pagan world.
Published 11/22/23
We are starting a new series this week! After a break to rest and study, Phylicia is back with a new church history series. In this introduction episode she discusses why we need history, specifically church history, and how studying it impacts our present day lives.
Published 11/15/23
In this week's special edition episode, we have the Ask Anything LIVE panel from Verity Conference 2023 featuring Joel Muddamalle, Lisa Whittle, and Phylicia Masonheimer emceed by Johnny Whitcomb. Listen in as they answer questions like How do you establish appropriate boundaries? What is the best way to train up theologically sound leaders? And even find out Phylicia's take on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.  Stay up to date for the release of the entire Verity Conference session...
Published 11/08/23
In this weeks special episode we're replaying the live panel from the 2023 Verity Conference. Get answers to your burning theological (and personal) questions from panelists Jeremy Jenkins, Pricelis Perreaux-Dominguez, and of course, Phylicia Masonheimer.
Published 11/01/23
In this episode Phylicia breaks down the Levitical laws about purification after childbirth and answers the hard question of whether boys and girls were equal to God.
Published 09/13/23
In the final episode of our mini-series on prayer, we discuss prayer requests! How do we entrust our requests to God? What do we do when he doesn't answer, and do God's answers rely on our faith?
Published 08/23/23
Continuing our mini-series on prayer, this episode teaches why thanksgiving is an essential part of our prayer life and how to thank God when our life circumstances aren't what we hoped or dreamed.
Published 08/16/23
What does confession look like in prayer? Rather than list out all we've done wrong or rack our brains for sins, confession is the grace of relationship. In this short episode Phylicia breaks down how to confess to God and why it's so important to a Spirit-led life. Biblical repentance: https://phyliciamasonheimer.com/product/what-is-biblical-repentance/
Published 08/09/23
In this mini-series on prayer for the month of August, you'll learn how to pray in unique ways. We begin the series with adoration: adoring God through thanksgiving and praise. Phylicia talks about how to do this with Scripture and some practical tips for implementing daily. For more on spiritual disciplines, join Phylicia's newsletter here: https://phyliciamasonheimer.com/newsletter/
Published 08/02/23
After a short break Verity Podcast is beginning a mini-series on prayer! We begin with the big question: If God knows everything, why should we pray? Prayer is for communion, for transformation and for opportunity to partner with God. Learn why we pray and how to start.
Published 07/19/23
In this episode Phylicia breaks down biblical prophecy: What is it? How do we identify it? How does it go astray and how do we discern a biblical prophetic word from a false one? We will look at modern false prophecy in the world (psychics) and in the church (false teachers) and the process Jesus gave for handling such people.
Published 06/29/23
Phylicia's personal testimony has been shared in pieces via blog posts and social media, but never in one place. This week Phylicia shares her story of pornography addiction, theological wrestling, chronic illness and loss, and how the circumstances of the last decade have strengthened her faith to do what Every Woman a Theologian does today.
Published 06/21/23
In light of the Amazon hit series Shiny Happy People, this week's episode is about deconstructing legalism - and how to rebuild your faith when it all feels so messy. We look at progressive and conservative fundamentalism, why "check list" holiness is so deceitful and how to find true freedom on the other side. For the email series on SHP, sign up for Phylicia's newsletter   URLS:  Newsletter signup: https://phyliciamasonheimer.com/newsletter/
Published 06/15/23
In this episode Phylicia discusses whether Christians should boycott Target or other secular companies when their values differ from the Christian worldview. We look at a history of pagan marketplaces and 1 Corinthians 8 to answer the question!
Published 06/07/23
It's not easy out here in these dating streets! How do you ask good theological questions of a potential date? When do you give grace for differences and when you do draw the line? We talk about all this and more in this episode plus answer some listener questions on Christian Dating. Resources:  How Relationships Have Changed with Dating Apps 44 Questions to Ask Before Getting Engaged Short History of Dating   URLS: How Relationships Have Changed with Dating Apps:...
Published 05/31/23
After receiving multiple questions about consequences in parenting (and asking them herself) Phylicia dove into Scripture to see what it said about consequences, condemnation and punishment. Are they the same? Different? If different, how?   This episode looks at the Old and New Testaments for guidance on how God disciplines His own kids, which can in turn guide how we discipline ours.
Published 05/17/23
After last week's episode about women teaching theology, a lot of questions came in about "shallow", pink fluff bible study settings. How do we take them deeper? Is it possible? In this episode Phylicia shares some practical ways you can take a "social hour" bible study session to something with real meat. 
Published 05/10/23
In this episode Phylicia confronts a question that caused a tizzy on the internet: Can women teach theology to other women?   We look at The definition of theology Whether men are the transmitters of spiritual authority What Scripture says about women prophesying How to teach theology in a healthy and biblical way
Published 05/03/23
How do I identify prosperity gospel, and what does it mean? This episode breaks down the true gospel v. the one presented by the "word of faith" movement, discussing how this theology misinterprets key passages of Scripture and how we can discern through it. 
Published 04/12/23