The final episode of We Fact Up - Coronavirus Special
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Today marks the final episode of We Fact Up. It's been a hilarious and fact-filled time spent meandering over some of the deepest of life's quandaries. We've pondered over how to parachute a pig from an airplane, whether ducks would make good fighting animals and if a squirrel is sexy to other squirrels (there were some other things in there too, but we forget most of them). Today is the day that Dave, Redd and Martine finally, after 5 years, conquered the internet. There are no more questions to answer. We have answered them all.  Thanks to everyone for your support, messages, likes, subscribes, reviews, questions and above all, your patience with three very stupid men. We have had the wildest and funniest time having these ridiculous conversations with each other and loved having you along for ride. We end the show with a smile, a laugh and an episode about all the plagues that have ruined things for people in the past, just like Corona has ruined our podcast. Please enjoy!  AND ONE FINAL THING - before you bury your face in your hands and cry snot filled blubber into the sleeves of your shirt... DO NOT FEAR! We do have something exciting planned. We Fact Up may be over, but there are bigger things in the works and will be revealed in due time. So stay subscribed to the show, stay smiling and stay fact! Because the fact will always be back baby.  See for privacy information.
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