Una Momento...
Published 05/27/24
Published 05/27/24
Never say Vay-cay again Kev-ay?
Published 05/20/24
”Good Luck in McBet...”*THUMP*
Published 05/13/24
Too many spoilers broth the cook... I think.
Published 04/29/24
One does not simply ”go” to London!
Published 04/22/24
Balloons gonna balloon...
Published 04/15/24
I can see the future...
Published 04/01/24
Hello lovely ones!   Today we have a Devil Dog tale! A first for the show indeed! Also we have a review of an amazing documentary recommended by our very own Matt, and finally I steal the keys to the turret of terror and we see what’s going down on Reddit (Turns out very locally!)   Stay safe, Love, Kev   x   Don’t forget, you can get over 200+ hours of content over at our Patreon below: www.patreon.com/weneedtotalkaboutghosts
Published 02/26/24
”...and it’s Silver for Eustace”
Published 02/19/24
”And who may thoust be?”
Published 02/12/24
Turret? Who’ve I been talking to in the basement then???
Published 02/05/24
Makeshift Monday!
Published 01/22/24
Love Cats ... du de duh du durr....etc
Published 01/15/24
Bekah the devil you know...
Published 01/08/24
Happy New Year!!!x
Published 01/01/24
Vampires at Christmas???
Published 12/25/23
T’was a poorly Christmas, and all through the house...
Published 12/18/23
And when they opened the email....
Published 12/11/23
You keep on knocking but you can’t come in (wooooo)
Published 12/04/23
That ol’ Black Magic...
Published 11/27/23