Published 09/28/22
With the January 6 Committee season finale on the horizon, we’ll get into what we expect from it. More bombshells? Any actual consequences? We don't rightly know but by god will we ever speculate. Join us.  Support the show
Published 09/28/22
Tonight we will be discussing the hot new pursuit of ambitious GOP governors: human trafficking! I.e. Abbott and DeSantis using desperate people as pawns in a political stunt. We got a lot more too, so join us.  Support the show
Published 09/21/22
It's Skewsday! Trae is back this week, and tonight's all about how things are going, namely: the war in Ukraine, America's relationship with 9/11, and the world's reactions to the death of the Queen. All that and more, so join us!
Published 09/14/22
Tonight we’re talking about fishin’. Salmon fishin’ in Alaska’s congressional election, and how their own plan to do ranked choice voting has driven Alaska Republicans crazy. Plus, Dr. Oz continues to suck and melt down, and how Brett Favre is caught up in one of the dumbest political scandals in America’s history of really dumb political scandals. Trae’s on the road, so Corey sits in again on tonight’s Skews, can’t wait. Join us.
Published 09/07/22
Tonight we’ll be discussing the backlash to Biden's student loan policy, i.e. we'll be making fun of just how furious Republicans are at the prospect of millions of Americans receiving some debt relief. Join us. 
Published 08/31/22
Tonight we got it all: Mar-a-Lago raid fallout, midterm primary fallout, and the increasingly terrible fallout from the Dobbs decision. That's a lot of fallout! Join us.
Published 08/24/22
It's Skewsday, y'all. Smart Mark returns this week and we've got a veritable bevy (a bevy I say) of good dumbasses for ya, before breaking down just how much Senate Republicans apparently hate Americans, especially those with diabetes. Join us.
Published 08/17/22
Tonight Senior Good Buddy Corey Ryan Forrester rejoins the show! He and I will be talking about, what else, THE RAID, and the almost comically insane response to it thus far. (Fret not, Smart Mark is fine and will be back next week.) Join us!
Published 08/10/22
On tonight's show, we will get into the flurry of activity in the Senate over the last week or so, which we agree is wild considering the usual flurry of nothingness that they do. Plenty of dumbassery too! Join us!
Published 08/03/22
Trae’s off this week, so Agee’s got the conn. Acting as first officer is the man, the legend, the CHO, the Buttercream Dream himself, Corey Ryan Forrester. We’re talking some extra dumbasses in what passes for a slow-but-extra-silly news week in our hell times. Plus, what is either the most genius or dumbest Democrat political strategy of all times, it's dealer's choice. Join us tonight on The Weekly Skews.
Published 07/27/22
Tonight we get into how the right is handling the increasingly common stories regarding the horrible consequences of Roe being overturned. (Spoiler: they're handling it badly.) Join us. 
Published 07/20/22
Tonight we'll be talking about, what else, today's January 6th Committee Hearing. Yet another doozy, it offered hugs from insurrectionists, fistfights in the Oval Office, and nefarious intentions galore. Lot to unpack; join us! 
Published 07/13/22
Tonight we’ll cover the awful shooting yesterday, the terrible explanations being offered for it, and the ludicrous notion that no one could have predicted it. We will also have some dumbassery. Join us.
Published 07/06/22
After today’s bombshell packed January 6 Committee Hearing, it sure does seem like Donald Trump had every intention of leading the charge on the Capitol. He also choked a guy and threw ketchup around. Yeah. We’ll also be talking about SCOTUS’s recent spree of terrible and terrifying decisions. Join us. 
Published 06/29/22
 Trae’s on the road, so Agee is gonna try piloting the ship, and is joined by Georgia Correspondent Corey Ryan Forrester to talk about Day 4 of the J6 Hearings, which were all about the Peach State. Plus, J6 is year-round now, fun with counterfeit milk, a deluge of Dumbasses, and a fun new development: Politicians aren’t just threatening to murder their political opponents now, it’s also open season on their allies. Tuesday Skewsday, baby.
Published 06/23/22
Well after a few weeks of disruption caused by Trae’s trip across the pond, it’s once again a regular Skewsday, and what better subject for our return than the ongoing January 6 Committee hearings. Bombshells aplenty, but where will it all ultimately lead? Hell if we know, but we’ll hazard a guess or two. Also a backlog of dumbasses, and more. Join us.
Published 06/15/22
On tonight’s show we'll be talking about just how awful and dangerous white replacement theory is, as well as the thunderdome of lunacy that is today's Pennsylvania state primary. And of course there will be dumbasses. Join us. 
Published 05/18/22
In the week since the big SCOTUS leak, GOP lawmakers have been fully engaged in a very uncharacteristic endeavor: working around the clock. The problem of course is that what they are working toward is the passing of a myriad of horrifically draconian laws aimed at destroying the reproductive rights of women. So that checks out.
Published 05/11/22
 Well y'all can probably guess the topic of conversation...the Met Gala. No, we will of course be talking about the earth-shaking SCOTUS leak and the implications thereof. For this we will be joined by TN-7 congressional candidate Odessa Kelly. Join us. 
Published 05/04/22
On tonight's episode we dive fully in on Twitter, Elon, free speech, big money, crypto, scams, memes, and everything in between. Also another 1/6 update and of course a plethora of dumbasses. Join us. 
Published 04/27/22
This week Tucker Carlson was brave enough to ask the question burning inside every American’s mind: If you ain’t tannin’ your balls up, can you really call yourself a man? Let’s discuss. Also, the wildly unqualified judge who struck down the mask mandate, an update on perhaps the very saddest of January 6ers, and more!
Published 04/20/22
It’s no secret that our country’s richest people LOVE not paying taxes. Like even more than sailing and watching racehorses have sex and stuff. But fret not, the IRS is addressing the issue…by auditing poor people at a rate five times exceeding that of the rich. So that’s good. 
Published 04/13/22
Tonight we discuss how Disney's relatively mild criticism of the Don't Say Gay Bill has triggered an all out right wing crusade. It's Fox vs Mouse, only the mouse is super jacked and owns half the world. For that and a lot more, join us!.
Published 04/06/22
It's Skewsday, and on tonight's show we'll dive into the ever-mounting pile of evidence against Trump RE January 6th, and the ever-maddening amount of NOTHING BEING DONE ABOUT IT. Also Heil-on-Wheels Cawthorn said some orgy stuff and of course...The Slap. Join us!
Published 03/30/22