14. He Sees Sophie Everywhere
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New Feature Episode: This is the story of an unusual trial. An Englishman on trial in a French court for a murder committed in Ireland. At every other point in this 25 year saga, Ian Bailey has loomed large, but this trial wasn’t like that, because Ian Bailey wasn't there.  This story is about Sophie. It is a very special episode to us, and we hope you like it. Go to www.yarn.fm to be first to know about new episodes or the new shows we are working on.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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Published 05/14/21
West Cork, Ireland is an outpost at the edge of Europe, the jumping-off point for America. Rugged windswept and coastal, it was a place of farmers and fisherman until the 1960’s, when it was discovered by the ‘blow-in’s.’ People who drove until the road ran out, artists and urban runaways – a...
Published 03/29/21
A body is found at the end of a path leading to three houses. In West Cork, the police, known in Ireland as ‘the guards,’ have little experience with serious crime, and the victim—a French woman with a holiday home in the area—is a mysterious figure in West Cork. That night, as news of the murder...
Published 03/29/21